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Size: 20x20 km
     Using Gate codes recovered from the remains of QAI, Coalition forces can now gate directly to Earth, where the Seraphim are constructing a Quantum Arch. Once complete, the Arch will let the Seraphim summon untold reinforcements. The Arch must be destroyed, no matter the cost.
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This is an official campaign map from Forged Alliance. It is the sixth and last map.

Walkthrough/Strategy Edit



  • Destroy Forward Seraphim Position
  • Destroy Brigadier Fletcher
  • Destroy Order Commander Vendetta
  • Destroy the Quantum Archway


  • Secure the Control Center
  • Destroy all seraphim Commanders


  • Cybran Megalith (At the start)

If you are playing as a Cybran, you are very lucky because you get all three of the coalition's Tech. Fletcher and Rhiza give you a small resource base with defenses and a Support Armoured Command Unit in your gating area. If playing as an Aeon Commander, you get an additional command unit and UEF Tech, and vice versa if a UEF Commander.

Before completing the first Primary Mission, upgrade your economy to Tech 3 with at least +150 Mass and +5000 Power. I suggest building one of each Experimental class and a Tech 3 Artillery to support your assault forces. Make sure to build Tech 3 shields, Tech 3 AA, Tech 2/3 Point Defense and another Strategic Missile Defense Silo to completely cover your base.

After you complete the first Primary Mission, the map will expand showing your allies to the northwest and northeast and another Seraphim base to the southwest. Shortly afterward, your northeast ally, Brigadier Fletcher, will turn on you. I found a quick assault from a flying Experimental (Namely CZAR's, or if you can capture a serphim engneer a Ahwassa) ends your former ally's suffering quickly. Make sure to send engineers up to reclaim his base and capture his mass extractors. You can also move your ACU to the northeastern island after defeating Fletcher so you can get a clean slate to build a base without getting constantly harassed by air units and nukes (if the Order Commander captures the black sun control center).

Next on your hit list is the Order Commander on an island to your west. She will send waves of ships and planes, including a CZAR every so often, so a torpedo defense or sea-borne Experimental and those Tech 3 AA defenses will be useful. HQ advises that Vendetta has a Paragon running in her base. If you destroy it, the resulting explosion will take her ACU with it. For this I advise you transport an SACU to the ocean north of her base, and build a Tempest, Megalith, Atlantis, which ever experimental you find useful. Makes sure both your Strategic Missile Defense Silos both have a missile ready. When you complete this mission, the nukes start flying.

Now the final mission of the operation and the campaign, destroy the Quantum Archway located on the southwest end of your island. The Archway is surrounded by 5 land bases and 2 naval bases with Tech 3 Seraphim factories pumping out air, land and sea units. Your base will be hit by waves of air, land and sea units along with an occasional strategic missile. Keep pumping out Tech 3 Units and/or Experimentals to push back the waves of enemy. If you complete the secondary mission to Capture the Control Center, you will be given a free Strategic Missile about every 8 minutes to help soften the enemy. Be aware each of the Seraphim bases has a Strategic Missle Defense Silo. An Experimental Strategic Missile Launcher can be found in the base south of the Quantum Archway. Due to the incredible amount of time required to capture the Experimental missile launcher, you should just destroy it. If you want to end the campaign quickly, then stockpile nukes while using assault bots to destroy the strategic missile defences. Then, with the destruction of the defenses, send your nukes toward the naval base and factories.The Seraphim Commander can be found wandering around near to the west of the Quantum Archway.

Once you have cleared enough of a path to the Quantum Archway, bring in some heavy firepower and concentrate on destroying it(500,000 HP). When the Quantum Archway is destroyed, the operation is complete. Enjoy the videos and watch for the suggestion of a sequel.

Strategy/Walkthrough (Hard Mode, Cautious)Edit

Welcome to the Hard Mode section. Many of the tactics used here are unnecessary in normal mode, but crucial in hard mode. The order and timing of your actions are crucial in the beginning of each mission (and each stage) in order to survive the early assaults, and in most cases you'll need to capture enemy factions in order to make things easier. A general rule to remember in hard mode is that you must allow yourself to build up as much as possible before ending each stage in order to prepare for what's coming, thus you must be familiar with the flow of the mission.

This mission, in reality, is easier than the previous one. You get some T3 resources at the start allowing you to build T3 structures immediately, and of course that Collosus will take care of your ground defenses while you building up. The final stage will be the hardest part of the mission with endless waves of units as well as a few Ythothas, but they can be defeated with CZARs easily.

Stage 1Edit

Walk forward a few steps until you reach a mass deposit and start building your defense line there, that way you get one more extractor since you only have two. Upgrade your ACU to T3 straight away. You can build factories if you like but I personally think they take too much space that can be used to build your resource buildings. Fortify your defense line with Ravagers and Aeon T3 shield since its stronger than UEF's, but use UEF shields to cover the base at the back because its larger. (Alternatively, you could build a CZAR early, instead of the Ravagers. In the FA campaign the CZAR costs only as much as ten Ravagers in terms of mass [18K], and it has the same anti-ground firepower as ten Ravagers, plus it can move and also packs the equivalent of some three SAMs and six T2 flaks.) If you're playing as Cybran, you can get a Soothsayer to see incoming units easier. The enemy will keep sending T3 Othuum siege tanks which're rather tough as well as T3 Suthanus mobile artilleries, so get Ravagers to help the Collosus hold back the units. A Ythotha will also be sent against you soon so make sure you have those Ravagers.

Once your defense line is complete with Ravagers and SAMs and shields, start pumping out experimentals. Get rid of the radar provided at the start and build one in your defense line to see much further. Also build Quantom Gates for all the factions you have and get more sACUs to both help with the building as well as boost resources. Get a Salvation and a Mavor up, but put them in hold fire mode first to avoid accidentally destroy the base and proceed to the next stage. Get 5 Collosuses and place them in front of your defense line outside the shields to draw fire. Get two Fatboys at either side of the defense line. Get as many CZARs as you can, they're incredibly helpful in this mission. Have one repeatly builds ASFs and Strategic Bombers too if you like. Make sure that your base, especially the left side is fortified with SAMs. Start building your naval base and protect it with a Bulwark, and get a Tempest and Atlantis (submerged) for naval defense. if you're Cybran get a Megalith as well. Get SAMs further out your naval base. You may want to build a second strategic missile defense to cover your naval base since the initial one can't cover the water, because in hard mode enemies WILL send you some nukes later.

Now here comes the tricky bit: capture the Seraphim engineers. You don't need its experimentals or units, but you want their shields because Seraphim has the best shield generators. Unfortunately, the base is protected by two Ythotha as well as the 70k+ HP sACU, and it can prove difficult to destroy both, as well as surrounding resistances, without heavy casualties on either side. Thus, you need the CZAR. It can deliver percise firepower on both of them without taking too much damage because the base has weak AA and they're easily dispatched. Try to kill the sACU when it wasn't nearby any factories. After both are history, destroy the resource buildings to stop them sending units, then destroy the naval factories (try not to kill the nearby engineers) and the frigates guarding them. Now take a sACU and capture the engineer. Have it build a quantom gate and a naval factory to get some Ithaluas, since they have insanely strong AA and a group of them can bring down an air experimental in a rediculously short time. Replace ALL your shields with the T3 Athanuhthe.

When you're ready, destroy the base. 

Stage 2Edit

Release all your ASFs that you build with the CZAR to defend against incoming air strikes. The Seraphim will also send you a nuke immediately, but your defense missile will take care of it. Focus on Flecher first since he's the immediate threat. In hard mode Flecher's base is better defended and has a Novax Defense Satellite ready to fry your base, but if your base is properly shielded it can't do a thing. Flecher also begins building a Fatboy in his base as soon as the stage starts, so quickly get a CZAR on top of him to end his pitiful attempt at world domination. It is better to send two at once in case the first CZAR dies before it reach Flecher, since in hard mode he does have a lot of ASFs guarding the base. After Flecher is finished, concentrate on the Seraphim base. In normal mode Rhiza will help you by sending a nuke there, but not in hard mode. Use the Salvation and Mavor to bombard the base to oblivion, then get a CZAR there to finish off the two Ythothas guarding the now destroyed base. Now put both artilleries in hold fire mode until you're ready to proceed to the final stage.

The Aeon base will periodically send a CZAR to your base, usually from the west, but if you have Ithaluas and ASFs you can bring it down before it reaches your base. You can try to capture the Control Center as well, but it won't be very helpful since your Salvation and Mavor can destroy things much quicker and easier. Get as many Collosuses and CZARs as you can, and if you're Cybran also get a couple of Megaliths, they're incredibly useful in dispatching naval bases, and you can also build some Soul Rippers if you like. Pump out as many experimentals as you like before proceeding.

When you're ready, use the artillereis to blow that Paragon up. This usually will destroy the ACU as well, but if it doesn't then the ACU is probably hiding in the water; get Atlantises, Tempests and/or Megaliths there to trap her, or if you captured the Control Center simply gives her the nuke as a farewell present, since nukes wont be very useful later.

Stage 3Edit

Your Salvation and Mavor will automatically aim and fire at the Arch, so leave them alone to do their work. A huge air strike is incoming, let them hit your Collosuses while the SAMs bring them down, and they'll also fire several strategic missiles at Rhiza and another one at you, which will be taken care off by your defense missile. Rhiza's base however doesn't have one thus a large part of her base will be destroyed. Now send all your Collosuses marching to the Arch, killing everything on the way. Deal with any Ythothas with CZARs and Soul Rippers. If you have Megaliths, march them along the shore so they can help take care of naval assaults. The Seraphim has many bases and naval bases surrounding the Arch, destroy them one by one, then have some stand in front of the Arch to welcome the units while others focus fire on the Arch, take care not to stand too close to avoid getting hit by Mavor and Salvation's devastating shells. Keep at it until its history, which can take a while because the Arch has 500k HP. As for the Seraphim Commander, it'll usually move around the Arch trying to rebuild those defenses next to it so it'll probably be destroyed by your super artilleries as collateral damage before your army even reach the Arch, otherwise you can just seek him out and destroy him.

There's also a Yolona Oss super strategic missile launcher at the south of the island, but it's mostly decoration because they never use it. Pity.

Congratulations, you just finished Hard Mode. 

Strategy/Walkthrough (Hard Mode, Bold) Edit

Pause the game immediately after gaining control. This should be around 33 seconds on the mission clock. 

Start upgrading your ACU to Tier 2 Engineering Suite. use the UEF SCU to assist. 

Unpause, then repause the instant the Aeon units become yours. Queue the Aeon SCU to build a T1 Land Factory (which immediately starts upgrading to Tier 2 and queues 15 Ascendants) and a Radiance to cover the west side of your starting base. Queue (Shift key) an assist command on the land factory for after the Radiance is done Make sure the Land Factory is under the shield bubble. Path (Shift key again) your Galactic Colossus to the south, then turn at the second mass point to avoid stepping on the Fatboy wreck (you'll need the Mass later), and destroy the Seraphim outpost due south of your start zone using the GC. Follow it with your starting Titans. 

Move your ACU under the Radiance shield bubble and surround your starting Extractors with Mass Storage to boost their output a bit. Send both SCUs south after getting the first five Ascendants off the Land Factory and moving toward the front line. Start upgrading your ACU with the T3 Engineering Suite. 

Your attack force will be fired on by Suthanus T3 Mobile Artillery at some point (keep a careful eye on them). Make sure the GC absorbs the initial volley and make it run away while racing the Titans forward to cut the arty down. You want at least one Shield of Light first at the front (preferably just behind the closest Mass Point to the enemy base to soak arty fire, and a couple T2 Artillery (Aeon Miasmas seem to not have the wonderful accuracy they're supposed to in campaign mode, but should still be the best bet) for counter-battery. A note of warning though: If you place your first shield southwest of the Mass Point, and the arty directly adjacent west or south of that, they'll constantly be distracted by attacking the east-most enemy mass extractor instead of doing their counter-battery job. 

After getting at least 5 Ravagers, 2 T2 Artillery Installations, and at least 5 Ascendants on watch, THEN you can start on a couple Radiances while your UEF SCU is boosting the Shield of Light to stay strong in the time between your artillery installations firing on the enemy mobile artillery. You should also get T3 Mass Extractors on all the Mass Points in your controlled area. 

Deploy at least 5 Ascendants at your initial base to kill gunship attacks from the west faster. 

Adding 5 more Ravagers is a good idea as enemy Othuums will attempt to run along the shoreline toward your initial base area, and more Ravagers will let you stop them dead in their tracks more reliably. 

You should be building T3 Power Generators under your shield at your initial base with your ACU. If you are Aeon, you can expand the shield coverage with your ACU, otherwise get your Land Factory to T3 once you have 15-20 Ascendants on the map and use Aeon T3 Engineers to make more Radiances as needed. 

Once you get a Fatboy online to counter-battery enemy mobile arty, you can reclaim the T2 Artillery Installations. Then spam SCUs of all types you have access to. Build at least three Paragons for redundancy. the fail-lethal range of a Paragon in-campaign is about 26 tiles, a bit less than the range of a T1 Point Defence, so do not fear a chain reaction. Use the experimental wrecks and other wreckage scattered about to feed the Paragon-building. 

These starting steps are the main difference of the bolder starting strategy and more cautious one. 

For the kidnapping of an engineer, using a Cybran ACU with Hold Fire stance is easiest after you snipe the enemy AA, the Omni and inadvertently accidentally destroy most of the resource buildings and Seraphim SCU with a CZAR. However it can be done with any SCU after you get a CZAR to do the surgical strikes. It is best to leave the enemy with their Mass Extractors and a few generators if you can, so they can rebuild and feed your units veterancy, but this may take too long for most people's tastes. 

Once you have at least three Paragons up surrounded by Athanuthe shields, it's time to get working on a Kennel farm, followed by using those drones to bypass the problems of SCU crowding when focused on construction. Get a heavily-shielded Mavor/Salvation farm running. Your main air defence prepared for subsequent stages should be in the form of masses of CZARs as they have heavy flak, AA missiles, depth charges, and of course their beam weapons. On land, an army of a couple dozen Fatboys should suffice. 20+ Soul Rippers are superb at most purposes if you are Cybran, otherwise just rely on your Mavor/Salvation farm to do the job. 

If you want to troll around and accrue unit veterancy during Stage 2, do it after you wipe Fletcher off the map and put all your artillery back into Hold Fire. Have some Aeon SCUs with teleporters and have a fleet ready to assist Rhiza before you start Stage 2, then teleport the SCUs over to Rhiza's base and build her some SMDs, then assist them until they have missiles ready to meet the enemy attempts to nuke her later. Then teleport the SCUs out just in case. 

If you built enough Mavors and Salvations, it should be quick and trivial to erase the Arch within minutes of starting Stage 3. However, I recommend having a large wing of Spy Planes ready and forward-emplaced Omni Sensor to actually go find that last Seraphim Commander and take him off the map if you wish to bother with that. 

Trivia Edit

The Black Sun Control Center controls a nuke silo that is outside the map ,in the southeast.

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