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Size 20x20 km
     Coalition Command has received unverified intel that the Seraphim are massing on the planet Hades -- control of Hades will let the Seraphim attack any location within Coalition-controlled space. Elite Commander Dostya will join you for this mission, and the two of you will eliminate any Seraphim forces found on Hades.
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X1CA_004 is an official campaign map from Forged Alliance. It is the fourth map.

Walkthrough/Strategy[edit | edit source]



  • Eliminate the Seraphim Base
  • Destroy the Quantum Jammer
  • Survive until Recall


  • Recover Dostya's ACU (Cybran)
  • Capture Seraphim Radar (Aeon)

Unlocked Tech:

  • UEF The Kennel (At start)
  • Cybran The Hive (at start)
  • Cybran Soothsayer (after first base)
  • Aeon Salvation (after jammer)

You start with nothing but your ACU, so a standard Build_Orders beginning is necessary. There is a substantial amount of reclaimable mass in the ruins of the base surrounding your start location, so you can use them to boost your early mass generation.

This starts out as a fairly basic mission, but there is a twist. Your first mission involves destroying a small base of a Seraphim factories to your west. The enemy will send small waves of harassment units while you build up a base. If the enemy sends engineers, you can capture them to gain access to Seraphim units, and this is especially important for UEF because UEF lacks a tough land experimental as well as an air experimental, and the ability to produce Ythotha and Ahwassa is invaluable. Make sure to upgrade your economy to Tech 3, you will need it when you complete this mission. A possible strategy is to build T2 artilleries at the down left mex and let them shoot at the factories. They should not be able to destroy the mex that is the farthest away, which you should not destroy. By doing this the Seraphim cannot send any more units to you and you will be able to upgrade your economy and get enough base defense for the last part of the mission.

Once you finish of the small Seraphim base, you will be ordered to destroy a Quantum Jammer located to the far west of your base. This jammer is heavily defended by a dozen Seraphim factories, T3 heavy shields and T2 Point Defense and T2 Anti-Aircraft. Bring your T3 and/or Experimentals out to play, but don't finish off the Quantum Jammer until your base is covered in T3 heavy shields and T2/3 Point Defense and Tactical Missile Defenses and T2/3 Anti-Aircraft with a garrison of 50+ T3 units and as many experimantals as you can produce. Don't bother with the Mavor if you're UEF, produce Fatboys and Ythothas instead. Also make sure to build T2 artilleries to counter mobile artilleries.

When the Quantum Jammer is destroyed, your map will expand to reveal you are surrounded by Seraphim bases. Cybran heroine Dostya is to your north, but already surrounded by Seraphim units. Sadly wave goodbye to her, then buckle down for 20 minutes of hardcore counter-attacks by Seraphim T3 ground and air units. Keep your ACU hidden under the T3 shields near some Tactical Missiles Defenses and you should be OK. If you are Cybran, upgrade your ACU with cloaking, as it makes reclaiming Dostya's remains much easier. If you have Colossi/Ythothas make sure to let them stand outside the shield to tank big damages from sniper bots and mobile artilleries, and especially enemy's Ythothas, while still within range of tactical missile defenses. Doing this will prevent your shields from going down too much. Fatboys will easily destroy any sniper bots and mobile artilleries, but other factions will have to employ T2 artilleries or air experimentals, as they'll make short work of shields and leaves your defenses vulnerable.

Strategy/Walkthrough (Hard Mode)[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Hard Mode section. Many of the tactics used here are unnecessary in normal mode, but crucial in hard mode. The order and timing of your actions are crucial in the beginning of each mission (and each stage) in order to survive the early assaults, and in most cases you'll need to capture enemy factions in order to make things easier. A general rule to remember in hard mode is that you must allow yourself to build up as much as possible before ending each stage in order to prepare for what's coming, thus you must be familiar with the flow of the mission.

This mission is quite tough at final stage because of the number of Ythothas the enemy will send to you, however with proper preparation they can be held back.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

Immediately, after you build a land factory, you'll be visited by two seraphim engineers. Capture them. Around the area are lots of wreckages allowing you to jump straight to T2 as in the previous missions. Do the usual with building some T1 power plants and upgrade your factory to T2. However, this time, instead of focusing on anti-air, you'll focus on anti-ground first, as the enemy will send units to you very soon. Quickly get a T2 point defense ready at the north and south side and build T2 shields to protect them (remember the power plant as well). Also build mobile flaks to prepare for gunships. Reclaim extractor wheckages first when necessary then reclaim others. You should have enough wheckage to reach T2 and build some proper defenses but after this you'll need T2 extractors so watch your mass usage and be sure to leave some to build your T2 extractors. 

Do the usual stuff of upgrading and building. Get a land experimental ready and destroy most of the base, but leave one or two remaining so you can focus on preparing your defense lines for the final stage. Expand to the north side where there're two more mass deposits and build defense lines at west, north and east side of the topmost deposit, and also build defenses at the southeast where there's another mass deposit. Build SAMs everywhere. If you played normal mode before you should already know where the enemies will come from in the final stage so get your defenses up. Also get a T3 heavy artillery for stage 2. A strategic strike is not likey but get a strategic defense as well if you like. Strategic missile launchers are useless since its easier to just use experimentals.

Remember to tech up the seraphim as well. Get some seraphim sACUs and replace ALL your shield generators to the seraphim T3 Athanuhthe; it's the largest and strongest T3 shield in the game, and you want really strong shields to survive the final stage. Make sure they cover each other but not too close.

UEF: Get a Mavor up. It'll help destroying some of the bases to make defending easier. Get a Fatboy and two Ythothas for each defense line, fortified with Ravagers.

Cybran: Get 2 Ythothas and 2 Monkeylords for each defense line, and a total of 8 Soul Rippers for destroying bases.

Aeon: Get two Colossi and a CZAR for each defense line. Make sure the CZAR is parked further out; you don't want one to drop on top of your defense line should they get destroyed. Ythothas are unnecessary, but get three Ahwassas ready for destroying bases (Ahwassa is a lot cheaper in campaign than skirmish).

If you're Cybran, make sure one of your sACU has cloak upgrade, and if you're Aeon make sure one sACU has teleportation upgrade. When you're ready, destroy the base.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

A large air strike will hit your base, but fortunately no strategic bombers. Take care of the units they transported into your base. Use the T3 artillery to hit the jammer. Send in land experimentals to flatten the base but don't send air experimentals because of the number of ASFs in the base. Destroy the jammer and prepare yourself.

Note:If you have Seraphim/Aeon tech(Which you should), you can just send a SACU with teleport to the jammer. Reclaim kills it instantly.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

Use the Mavor/Soul Rippers/Ahwassas to destroy the bases one by one. Soul Ripper has it easiest because they're very tough and can withstand AA fire from all the bases. This will make things easier. Focus on bases that produce land units first. Be careful of incoming Ythothas; prepare backup experimentals to replace those that're lost. Remember to position your Collosus/Ythotha outside the shield to draw fire from those Ythothas.

For Cybran use the cloaked sACU or a Seraphim sACU with teleport to reclaim Dotsya's ACU, and for Aeon simply teleport a sACU to one of the spot and capture the radar.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, the base to the southwest is missing.

If you manage to destroy all outlying Seraphim bases at the final stage, the mission will automatically end.

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