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I'm Bob Whiteman, co-founder of this wiki. FngKestrel and I founded this wiki because of a lack of accurate, readable, and community-editable information about Supreme Commander. I'm a game programmer/developer/designer at Glu Mobile, an old-school gamer who played a lot of Total Annihilation, and the 1990 Nintendo World Champion in the 18-and-over age group.

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If you have questions about this wiki, please post your question to my talk page.

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  • IRC: TaviRider at #wikia channel. You can use the Live wiki help link on the left for a web interface to this channel.

All these accounts are online 24/7, but I'm not always at the computer.

My notes Edit

SCMP_001 8 player
SCMP_001 Burial Mounds
SCMP_001 size 20km, 20km
SCMP_002 8 player
SCMP_002 Concord Lake
SCMP_002 size 20km, 20km
SCMP_003 4 player
SCMP_003 name = "Drake's Ravine",
SCMP_003 size 20km, 20km
SCMP_004 4 player
SCMP_004 Emerald Crater
SCMP_004 size 20km, 20km
SCMP_005 7 player
SCMP_005 name = "Gentleman's Reef",
SCMP_005 size 40km, 40km
SCMP_006 4 player
SCMP_006 name = "Ian's Cross",
SCMP_006 size 20km, 20km
SCMP_007 6 player
SCMP_007 Open Palms
SCMP_007 size 10km, 10km
SCMP_008 8 player
SCMP_008 Seraphim Glaciers
SCMP_008 size 20km, 20km
SCMP_009 8 player
SCMP_009 name = "Seton's Clutch",
SCMP_009 size 20km, 20km
SCMP_010 5 player
SCMP_010 Sung Island
SCMP_010 size 20km, 20km
SCMP_011 8 player
SCMP_011 The Great Void
SCMP_011 size 40km, 40km
SCMP_012 2 player
SCMP_012 Theta Passage
SCMP_012 size 5km, 5km
SCMP_013 2 player
SCMP_013 Winter Duel
SCMP_013 size 5km, 5km
SCMP_014 8 player
SCMP_014 The Bermuda Locket
SCMP_014 size 20km, 20km
SCMP_015 4 player
SCMP_015 Fields of Isis
SCMP_015 size 10km, 10km
SCMP_016 2 player
SCMP_016 Canis River
SCMP_016 size 5km, 5km
SCMP_017 4 player
SCMP_017 Syrtis Major
SCMP_017 size 10km, 10km
scmp_018 3 player
scmp_018 Sentry Point
scmp_018 size 5km, 5km
SCMP_019 2 player
SCMP_019 name = "Finn's Revenge",
SCMP_019 size 10km, 10km
scmp_020 6 player
scmp_020 Roanoke Abyss
scmp_020 size 20km, 20km
scmp_021 8 player
scmp_021 Alpha 7 Quarantine
scmp_021 size 40km, 40km
scmp_022 4 player
scmp_022 Arctic Refuge
scmp_022 size 10km, 10km
scmp_023 2 player
scmp_023 Varga Pass
scmp_023 size 10km, 10km
scmp_024 6 player
scmp_024 Crossfire Canal
scmp_024 size 20km, 20km
scmp_025 6 player
scmp_025 Saltrock Colony
scmp_025 size 10km, 10km
scmp_026 4 player
scmp_026 Vya-3 Protectorate
scmp_026 size 10km, 10km
scmp_027 6 player
scmp_027 The Scar
scmp_027 size 20km, 20km
scmp_028 8 player
scmp_028 Hanna Oasis
scmp_028 size 40km, 40km
scmp_029 8 player
scmp_029 Betrayal Ocean
scmp_029 size 80km, 80km
scmp_030 8 player
scmp_030 Frostmill Ruins
scmp_030 size 80km, 80km
scmp_031 4 player
scmp_031 Four-Leaf Clover
scmp_031 size 10km, 10km
scmp_032 4 player
scmp_032 The Wilderness
scmp_032 size 10km, 10km
scmp_033 6 player
scmp_033 White Fire
scmp_033 size 10km, 10km
scmp_034 4 player
scmp_034 High Noon
scmp_034 size 10km, 10km
scmp_035 4 player
scmp_035 Paradise
scmp_035 size 10km, 10km
scmp_036 4 player
scmp_036 Blasted Rock
scmp_036 size 5km, 5km
scmp_037 3 player
scmp_037 Sludge
scmp_037 size 5km, 5km
scmp_038 4 player
scmp_038 Ambush Pass
scmp_038 size 5km, 5km
scmp_039 4 player
scmp_039 Four-Corners
scmp_039 size 5km, 5km
scmp_040 6 player
scmp_040 The Ditch
scmp_040 size 20km, 20km




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