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My Awesomeness[edit | edit source]

My alias on multiplayer is Keldabe and I'm an intermediate player. I mostly created this account to add to the SupCom wiki and to correct the numerous grammar and spelling mistakes.

Some videos you might find interesting are on here,feel free to view.

Those videos make this user page very long, so might as well put a crapload of fun facts about me.

I have no faction prefrence, and like to use all the factions from time to time. My favorite strategy in regular custome or ranked games is to blitzcreig, pushing back the opponent with a flurry of bombers with interceptor support and land armies that usually consist of every unit type, and mabye even some engineers to build and reclaim in the wake of destruction, while simultaneously upgrading my mass extractors and always building more power generators. After I have taken most of the map, I focus on economy and stationary defenses while using my remaining forces to either help defend my new territory or to attack enemy positions if they are undefended. If I fail, however, I try to rush T4 and turn the tables there. While unreliable, this T4 rush tactic succedes more often than not if you manage your economy right, and the results are quite amusing if pulled off right.

Unit prefrences(favorite):

Naval Units[edit | edit source]

T1 Naval - UEF Thunderhead frigate. The jamming ability makes this frigate the most useful in my opinion. T2 Naval - UEF Governer cruiser. Cruise missiles look the coolest,and missile animation is also coolest in my opinion. The Cybran Salem Destroyer is a close 2nd because of the amphibiousness of awesome. T3 Naval - Cybran Plan B missile submarine. Nuclear weaponry when no nukes rule is invoked. Pwn. Specifically the Cybran Plan B because it looks coolest. T4 Naval - Aeon Tempest submersible battleship. Like the design, and the uber Oblivion Cannon. UEF Atlantis submersible aircraft carrier is a close 2nd; although not that useful, the concept is badass. In my opinion.

Land Units[edit | edit source]

T1 Land - UEF Mech Marine light assault bot. Mini mech with machineguns. T2 Land - Seraphim T2 assualt bot. Looks really awesome. I refuse to remember any Seraphim unit names except the Ythotha, Nuke Haxxor(Yolona Oss?) and the Asswasher(Aswhassa?). UEF Mongoose assualt bot comes in a close 2nd, for the cool weapons. T3 Land - Cybran Loyalist siege bot. Best looking T3 bot in my opinion. T4 Land - UEF Fatboy mobile factory. It's giant ****ing tank, at least as tall as a 4-story building,and with guns to match. Also because it's ridiculously underpowered for it's awesome looks. Seraphim Ythotha assault bot and Cybran Monkeylord spiderbot tie for 2nd.

Air Units[edit | edit source]

T1 Air - UEF Scorcher bomber. Best weapon effects. Cybran Prowler interceptor looks pretty cool. T2 Air - UEF Stinger gunship. Machinegun-like weapon(riot gun). Also can carry a T2 Land unit. Cybran Corsair fighter/bomber and Seraphim Vulthoo gunship are prety cool. I remembered a Seraphim name. Woot. T3 Air - UEF Ambassador strategic bomber. Sleek design, mini mushroom cloud effects from the mini-nuke. Cybran T3 gunship for 2nd,mostly for jamming ability. T4 Air - Aeon CZAR flying fortress. Independence Day. Enough said.

Space Units[edit | edit source]

T4 Space(Only tech level available) - The UEF Novax defense sateillite, Imperial Star Destroyer, and the Keldabe Battleship.

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