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Unit pages Edit

the unit pages are a collection of every unit in the game. Some similar units are merged into one article, to help browsing, but every unit has a page.

Access Edit

The easiest way to access the unit pages is either by the complete unit list page (available on the front page, or on the sidebar). You can also try the units category, which also categorizes the units depending on several factors.

Intelligence Units
Tech 1 Land Scout
Tech 1 Air Scout
Tech 3 Spy Plane
Uef icon land1 intel UEF T1 Land Scout: Snoop[e]
UEL0101 build btn
Fast, lightly armored reconnaissance vehicle. Armed with a machine gun and a state-of-the-art sensor suite.
Build Costs Energy icon -80
Mass icon -12
Time icon 80
Max Health Health icon 29
Speed 4.5 (Land)
Veterancy UEF veteran icon Kills icon 2 ( Health icon +1/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 24
Radar: 45
Direct Fire - Projectile
Projectile  Damage
Reload time 2 seconds
Range 25

Layout Edit

A unit page is usually comprised of several parts. Most obviously, there is the body of the page, containing first the unit page, its description, links to other articles of interest, and finally categories. On the top right of the page, however, are other elements.

Unit Navigational Box Edit

The unit navigational box, as seen here on the right, is a table to help link similar units. This way, is you are looking at a land scout, you can easily jump to a air scout page.

Unit Box Edit

The Unit Boxes are the bigger box right beneath the Unit Navigational Box. You may notice too tabs over the box, labeled as less and more. Because these boxes can sometimes become quite loaded with information (see Ythotha), they show little but important information by default. If you require more information, pressing the "more" tag will unroll the box, revealing much more information.

Some pages are merged version of 4 different units, (see Air staging facility). In this case, each tab shows the information for the unit of a specific faction.

Merging Edit

Because so many inter-faction units are basically the same, an effort is being made to merge these pages, to centralize the information, rather than copy pasting everything. This is already the case for most economic units, but will also be the case for other units. Merging pages is a tedious job, but is being done slowly but surelly by the editors.

Weapon pages Edit

Most units in the game are equipped with weapons. These can be seen in the Unit Boxes. They link to a redirect page, which will bring you to the faction page regrouping these weapons (see UEF weaponry). You can also browse the weapons category. Currently, only the UEF page is finished. The Seraphim page is only laid out.

Character pages Edit

See List of Seraphim members or List of Cybran Nation members, or the individuals category. These pages are not complete.

Maps Edit

The pages for all the official multyplayer maps, as well as the Forged Alliance single player campaigns are present on the wiki. However, most of them are void of information, save for the Map Box, and the Map picture. They can all be found in the Map page, or the maps category.

Gameplay Concepts Edit

A lot of articles can be found at Gameplay concepts, or the Category:Gameplay concepts. These covers subjects such as adjacency, economy, veteran status etc.

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