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I currently have internet only at work :( Please forgive my low participation, I'll try to come back ASAP :)
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Hello there. I'm happypal, admin on this site. I have put extensive work to get the wiki up to date and complete. I am not the founder of the wiki, but I have been around and have put contributions in each and every aspect of the wiki. If you have any question about anything, do ask, I can guarantee you I'll have an answer for you.

If you have a problem with some templates, I am sorry about that, as I wrote them on the go, and they might still have a few quirks. Tell me about any problem, and I will fix them. Also, the documentations sucks ass.

I am the master of User:HappypalImporter, a slave account (and now a bot) I use for import scripts.

Our biggest priority should be getting quality pages and concepts on the front page. The most viewed ones are by far Adjacency bonus, and all of the Experimental units. Any other page on the front page has high view count. Let's get more pages on the front page, to attract attention to more sub-pages (like the Weapon page, and all it's sub pages).

UnitBox Errors/Corrections

This is to keep track of what was manually corrected:

Cluster weapon units

    • Lobo: Salvo Size 5. DPS*5.
    • Zthuee: Salvo Size 5. DPS*5. (NOT 6, as stated on supcomdb)
    • Salvation: Salvo Size 36. DPS*36.
  • Multy unit type pages
    • Too any to count now...
  • Others

Templates I have worked on

To Do

Merge units

You can never get enough cross-unit/faction info!

Page Content

  • Write Content in pages!
  • Fix the last few pages without unit boxes/navs


Merge everything into a "Weaponry" type page, and fill the page, tag the weapons.


because a wiki with no images makes pedobear sad.

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