A unique unit is one that has no factional equivalents and thus has no unit type. These offer the player the option to employ more unusual strategies, that when successful often tip the balance of the entire game, however doing so successfully requires a great deal of skill, planning and general knowledge.

A traditional method is to decimate their anti-air capabilities, then attacking with gunships and bombers. Predictable, effective, cost/time efficient, but easy to counter. A more unusual strategy would be the deployment of several UEF Engineering Stations, with the aim of capturing high price enemy units, such as mobile artillery and mobile shield generators. These strategies are unpredictable, and have a high pay off; however very easy to counter if the opposing commander knows a strike against them is eminent.

All experimental units are unique.

UEF Edit

UEF icon

Land Edit

T2 Field Engineer: Sparky Edit

A tougher and armed engineer. Best used when utilised to create firebases near the front lines of the battlefield.

T2 Gatling Bot: Mongoose Edit

Like the Seraphim Ilshavoh, the UEF Gatling Bot is one of the most widely used T2 assault bots, simply because of its relatively cheap costs and its devastating firepower for a T2 unit.

T3 Mobile Missile Platform: Spearhead Edit

A T3 mobile missile launcher. Whilst its missiles are horrible at tracking units, the missile launcher is very efficient when overwhelming shields and attacking structures or other non-moving units.

Air Edit

T3 Heavy Air Transport: Continental Edit

The only T3 transport. Has a powerful shield generator and significant anti-air capabilities, along with a modest air-to-ground weapon identical to that used by the UEF Broadsword.

Naval Edit

T2 Shield Boat: Bulwark Edit

The only mobile dedicated naval shield. It boasts a very wide range and powerful protection points for a T2 mobile shield generator.

Note: The Aeon Asylum and Seraphim Athanah can hover and therefore also function as a naval shields when over water.

T3 Battlecruiser: Neptune Class Edit

A powerful anti-naval ship. Very accurate and potent against other naval ships, but ineffective at base bombardment or tackling submerged units. It is analogous to an air-superiority fighter: a naval-superiority ship.

Building Edit

T2 Engineering Station: The Kennel Edit

This unit has many uses, traditionally in engineering and rapid firebase construction. However with a little creativity, it will become a commander's worst nightmare; it can be used to capture most enemy unit without anti-aircraft defenses. Prime targets for a kennel rush are: mobile artillery, mobile shield generators, point defenses, siege assault bots and certain naval vessels.

T3 Heavy Point Defense: Ravager Edit

With its incredibly long range and high firepower, it can be used for area denial when supported by a few units and an engineer, however for prolonged protection against attacks an entire firebase would be required. As whilst its damage output is high, like any point defense, it is vulnerable to air attacks. These can be used to great effect for 'sniping' enemy experimentals; if covered by a stealth generator, 4 or 5 of these can do massive damage to an experimental, and depending on the other commander's reaction time, may completely destroy it.

Cybran Edit

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Land Edit

T2 Mobile Stealth Field System: Deceiver Edit

The only mobile stealth field generator. Low operation costs, though its stealth field leaves much to be desired concerning range.

T2 Mobile Bomb: Fire Beetle Edit

A walking bomb. Takes a rather long time to construct when comparing its build time to its armor values and lack of weaponry, but it is still a suicidal weapon and rather powerful, although its weapon consumes itself.

T2 Rocket Bot: Hoplite Edit

A rocket bot. Uses a weapon similar to the Corsair T2 fighter/bomber. It's useful for destroying armored units.

Air Edit

T1 Light Gunship: Jester Edit

The only T1 gunship. It's speed and DPS makes it useful for early game harassment as well as hunting down scouts and engineers. Despite being the only "official" T1 gunship other factions can still use ghetto gunships.

Naval Edit

T2 Counter-Intelligence Boat: CI:18 Mermaid Edit

The only naval stealth field generator. Has a rather long range for a mobile T2 stealth field generator.

Building Edit

T2 Engineering Station: The Hive Edit

Like the UEF, the Hive is an engineering station and constructs faster than most Cybran engineers, maybe even moreso than the UEF engineering station. Also like the UEF, its main drawbacks are very high operating costs when it assists in construction, repairs, or other engineering-related functions. The main difference between the two factions' engineering stations is that the UEF's drones are independently capable of movement and construction, whilst the drones in the Hive are incapable of independently leaving the station.

T3 Perimeter Monitoring System: Soothsayer Edit

One out of only two buildings able to 'create' line of sight. As a large sensor tower, it has very high operating costs and low armor, but it creates a line of sight field larger than any other unit in the game. The Aeon's Eye of Rhianne works with a similar function, however the Aeon version creates it in a different area of the scenario, whereas the Cybran version creates it in a radius around the source. A common tactic by Cybran Commanders is to place a Soothsayer in close proximity to a Omni Sensor

T3 Torpedo Ambushing System: HARMS Edit

An extremely powerful torpedo launcher. It is submerged, meaning it is impervious to anything other than torpedoes, depth charges, very large area of effect weapons, and nuclear detonations. It also fires clusters of torpedoes that do decent damage upon contact but also do damage over time, meaning that a group of these can take down naval experimental units. It is very heavily armored for a torpedo launcher.

Aeon Edit

Aeon icon

Land Edit

T3 Shield Disruptor: Absolver Edit

A T3 unit effective at destroying the enemy's shields, but completely ineffective at damaging the units themselves.

Air Edit

T2 Combat Fighter: Swift Wind Edit

The only T2 anti-air unit designed singularly for that purpose, the Aeon combat fighter does twice the effective damage of other factions fighter-bombers. While its health is low, actually it often remains cost effective in T3.

T2 Guided Missile: Mercy Edit

A guided kamikaze missile with low fuel storages. Has high resource and time costs for a unit with such low health, fuel, and speed, but its weapon can deal extreme damage when used by groups at a target, provided that anti-aircraft doesn't down them first.

T3 Torpedo Bomber: Solace Edit

The only T3 Torpedo Bomber. Does over 5 times the damage of regular torpedo bombers and is much more heavily armored, at the cost of a much higher build time and resource loss.

T3 AA Gunship: Restorer Edit

A powerful anti-air gunship. Surprisingly, the gunship is not very effective against ground units. The gunship is best used as a mobile AA platform.

Naval Edit

T1 Attack Boat: Shard Edit

T1 naval anti-air unit. Sometimes viewed as the worst T1 naval unit in the game because of its horrible armor values and the fact that it needs to be paired up with its other T1 naval counterpart in order to do what a single frigate from the other factions can. But still, it does its job extremely well, with far superior AA capability than the other T1 frigates.

T3 Missile Ship: Torrent Class Edit

The only missile ship. Possibly the best missile platform in the game as its missiles are fast firing, take no resources, do immense damage to unshielded units, and fire in huge groups, as opposed to some other ships with missile capability.

Building Edit

T3 Rapid-Fire Artillery Installation: Salvation Edit

Supremely powerful, this artillery installation is so destructive it has been noted as the only non-experimental game ender. It has similar resource costs to the Mavor. It has a large firing randomness, but its huge area of effect negates this downside. Can easily flatten small bases.

T3 Quantum Optics Facility: Eye of Rhianne Edit

Like the Cybran Soothsayer, this building is a weakly-armored sensor tower designed to create a LOS field. Unlike the Cybran counterpart, the facility creates a much smaller LOS field in no particular area range, but its main advantage is that it can create the field anywhere on the map.

Seraphim Edit

Seraphim icon

Land Edit

T1 Combat Scout: Selen Edit

Combat scout with stealth and cloaking abilities when immobile and not attacking. Has a weak laser weapon. Although it is helpless against even the weakest of light assault bots, and cannot be used to make a ghetto gunship, it is quite effective at spying and, more importantly, trap-setting.

T2 Assault Bot: Ilshavoh Edit

The only T2 Assault Bot. Like the UEF Gatling Bot, the Ilshavoh is so widely used and effective for a T2 unit that most people think that 'A Seraphim player who doesn't have Ilshavohs is a player that's probably losing.'

T3 Siege Tank: Othuum Edit

The only T3 siege tank. This siege tank falls between the heavy assault bots and the armoured assault bots in terms of cost and speed. It is slightly, but only slightly, the most cost-effective T3 direct-fire land unit.

T3 Mobile Shield Generator: Athanah Edit

The only T3 mobile shield generator. Has a large range and high protection capacity for a mobile generator, but is very weakly armored.

Naval Edit

T3 Submarine Hunter: Yathsou Edit

The only T3 submarine hunter. Owning enough of these guarantees naval superiority against nearly all naval units save experimental naval units and possibly the HARMS torpedo launcher.

T3 Battleship: HauthuumEdit

It may be in the battleship class, but it is unique among other battleships that it has a strategic missile launcher that fires high enough to draw in 2 anti-nukes, plus it doesn't give an alarm when it fires.

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