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The UEF typically use traditional weapons, along with a bit of "High Tech" plasma weaponry. As far as weapons go, the UEF choose a middle ground between rate of fire and damage.

Please make sure you understand the terms T1, T2, T3, T4, Rate of fire (ROF), Damage per second (DPS), Damage radius, and Damage before reading this article.

Direct Fire[]

A Snoop firing its Tom Cat Machinegun.

Gauss Cannon rounds

Two Pillars in combat. The high firing arc can be observed on the back Pillar firing its dual barreled Gauss Cannons. The front Pillar has taken heavy fire from some Mantises.

A Tigershark T1 Attack Submarine has surfaced to finish off a damaged Beacon Class with it's Light Plasma Cannon.

Tom Cat Machinegun[]

The Tom Cat Machinegun is a basic projectile weapon that propels bullets at high speeds. It is used by the UEF. It is a characteristically weak weapon with low damage per second, high rate of fire, and low muzzle velocity. This light weapon is used only on light platforms. The Tom Cat Machinegun is used by the Mech Marine, and a lighter version, with a much lower rate of fire is mounted on the Snoop.

Gauss Cannon[]

The Gauss Cannon is the UEF's mainstay weapon, firing an explosive round at high speeds via some form of magnetic propulsion. Common attributes include average damage, average range, low firing randomness, average rate of fire, low muzzle velocity, and an uncommonly high firing arc.

The Gauss Cannon is used by the MA12 Striker, Pillar, and Thunderhead Class. The Valiant Class, Summit Class, and Fatboy use Gauss Cannons with extended range and increased damage. The Triad uses a series of three Gauss Cannons with slightly increased range and damage. A Gauss Cannon explosive round (when viewed during a pause) resembles a white bullet with a red ring around it.

Hells Fury Riot-Gun[]

The Hells Fury Riot-Gun (a weapon that rapid-fires a stream of projectiles at the target) possesses a very high rate of fire and high damage per second, but does not have a damage radius. This weapon is best suited at attacking slow-moving targets.

The Hells Fury Riot-Gun is used by the Riptide, Stinger, C14 Star Lifter, Sparky and Fatboy.

Light Plasma Cannon[]

The Light Plasma Cannon (a weapon that fires blasts of plasma at a target) characteristically does moderate damage with an average rate of fire.

The Light Plasma Cannon is used by the DM1 Plasma Cannon and Tigershark.

Heavy Plasma Cannon[]

The Heavy Plasma Cannon (a weapon similar to the Light Plasma Cannon) is part of the UEF's heavier direct fire weaponry. It possesses a characteristically high damage per second and damage.

The Heavy Plasma Cannon is used by the Broadsword, Continental, Titan, and sACU.

Gatling Plasma Cannon[]

The Gatling Plasma Cannon is a mid-level plasma weapon. During its firing sequence, the cannon fires 15 projectiles over 4.5 seconds, each doing 15 damage. This gives an approximate DPS of 32.

The Plasma Gatling Cannon is used by the Mongoose.

Heavy Plasma Gatling Cannon[]

The Heavy Plasma Gatling Cannon is the heaviest UEF plasma weapon. During its firing sequence, the cannon is capable of firing 15 projectiles per second, with a DPS of 875. However, the weapon needs to cool, only allowing it to fire a salvo once every 8 seconds. It consumes 750 energy to fire a salvo of 2625 damage. This gives the Heavy Plasma Gatling Cannon an overall DPS of 328.

The Heavy Plasma Gatling Cannon is used by the Ravager.

Dual-Barreled Hiro Plasma Cannon[]

The Dual-Barreled Hiro Plasma Cannon differs from other UEF weaponry, as it is a laser type weapon. Each shot from this weapon has a damage of 1000. Its range is fairly large, making it fairly effective in naval combat.

The Dual-Barreled Hiro Plasma Cannon is used by the Neptune Class.

Heavy Fragmentation Grenade Launcher[]

The Heavy Fragmentation Grenade Launcher is a very effective weapon against swarms of low tech units, as it has some splash damage. It fires bursts of four grenades with a fairly high range.

The Heavy Fragmentation Grenade Launcher is used by the Mongoose in Forged Alliance only.

Ionized Plasma Cannon[]

The Ionized Plasma Cannon has very high damage and a long range, but a low rate of fire. It is mainly a support weapon, but powerful enough to be used on its own. It is very good at destroying Experimental units, buildings and heavy land units.

The Ionized Plasma Cannon is used by the Percival.

Zephyr Anti Matter Cannon[]

The Zephyr Anti Matter Cannon is used by the Armored Command Unit.


Napalm Carpet Bomb[]

The Napalm Carpet Bomb does Damage over time. It is launched in salvos rather than as one bomb. Each bomb has a fairly low damage, but is useful against swarms of low level land units. It is less powerful than its Cybran and Aeon counterparts as most of the bombs usually miss their intended target, but it makes up for this in that any nearby trees, or grass will be quickly burned.

The Napalm Carpet Bomb is used by the Scorcher and Janus.

Small Yield Nuclear Bomb[]

The Small Yield Nuclear Bomb detonates with a distinctively shaped explosion, with very high damage, and moderate area damage radius in comparison to other strategic bombers.

The Small Yield Nuclear Bomb is used by the Ambassador.

Indirect Fire[]

Anti Matter Artillery[]

Anti Matter Artillery is the UEF's most powerful artillery weapon. It does very high damage and moderate area damage. It also has a very large range.

Anti Matter Artillery is used by the Demolisher, Duke and Mavor.

APDS Artillery[]

The APDS Artillery has a good balance of accuracy, damage and rate of fire.

APDS Artillery is used by the Klink Hammer.

Fragmentation Artillery[]

Fragmentation Artillery is a powerful artillery weapon. It splits into 5 shells just before hitting the ground, capable of 600 damage if all the shells hit the target. It is equipped with the capability to give vision around a small radius of where it was when the shell splits (Shellcam).

Fragmentation Artillery is used by the Lobo.

Long Range Cruise Missile[]

The Long Range Cruise Missile does varying amounts of damage depending on the unit using it. Some variants of this missile do not home in on their targets while the others do.

The Long Range Cruise Missile is used by the Flapjack, Spearhead, Governor Class, Ace, and Aloha. Strangely, it is also used by the Aeon Silencer.

A variant of the Long Range Cruise Missile is the Tactical Warhead. Both are identical, and the latter is used by the ACU.

A Flapjack fires its Long Range Cruise Missile.

An Ace Firing it's Long Range Cruise Missile

Nuclear Warhead[]

The Nuclear Warhead is the UEF's only nuclear weapon, and is equivalent to that of other factions.

The Nuclear Warhead is used by the ACU, Ace, and Stonager. It is also used by the Aeon Silencer.

An Ace launches it's Nuclear Warhead

A close look of the Nuclear Warhead


Flayer missile launched by a Governer

Flayer SAM Launcher[]

The Flayer SAM Launcher is a homing surface-to-air missile system used to engage airborne targets.

The Flayer SAM Launcher is used by the Continental, Governor Class, Flayer, and Atlantis.

Fragmentation Flak[]

Fragmentation Flak explodes when it nears a target, causing a cloud of shrapnel that damages all nearby enemy aircraft. This is very useful against large swarms of aircraft.

Fragmentation Flak is used by the Sky Boxer, and Air Cleaner.

Ginsu Pulse Beam[]

The Ginsu Pulse Beam is a very effective anti-air weapon. It has a very high damage and muzzle velocity, but a low fire rate.

The Ginsu Pulse Beam is used by the Wasp.

Linked Railgun[]

The Linked Railgun is a simple anti-air weapon that fires fast moving projectiles at enemy aircraft, causing low damage with a medium rate of fire and with very low accuracy. In real life, a railgun is a purely electrical gun that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails.

The Linked Railgun is used by the Archer, Cyclone, Janus, Ambassador, Broadsword, Thunderhead Class, Valiant Class, Summit Class, Fatboy, and DA1 Railgun.

Naval Weaponry[]

Angler Torpedo Launcher[]

The Angler Torpedo Launcher is an anti-naval weapon that possess a characteristically high initial shot damage, and average rate of fire and damage per second. It is the only torpedo weapon the UEF possess.

The Angler Torpedo Launcher is used by the Stork, Tigershark, Cooper, Valiant Class, Neptune Class, Fatboy, Atlantis, DN1, Tsunami, and SP3 - Sonar.

Smart Charge AntiTorpedo[]

The Smart Charge AntiTorpedo is the UEF anti torpedo weapon.

It is used by the Cooper, Valiant Class, and Neptune Class.



The UEF's AntiNuke is the same as the other faction's. The AntiNuke is used by the Nuke Eliminator.

Phalanx Anti Missile[]

The Phalanx Anti Missile is the UEF's main anti missile system. It is designed to shoot down missiles at a high rate. Its name is a reference to Phalanx CIWS.

The Phalanx Anti Missile is used by the Buzzkill, the Governor Class, the Neptune Class and the Summit Class.

As tactical missile defense weaponry, the Phalanx Anti Missile has a high rate of fire and DPS, making it quite effective against sustained enemy fire. It's drawback though is that it takes some time before the Phalanx Anti Missile starts shooting, and the missile is actually destroyed. Because of this, the Phalanx Anti Missile will have a tough time protecting anything in its forward perimeter, or from behind a shield.


Orbital Death Laser[]

The Orbital Death Laser fires slowly, but does a lot of damage (DPS: 150, total: 3000), making it an effective Armored Command Unit killer, and also very good against unshielded buildings.

The Orbital Death Laser is used by the Defense Satellite launched from the Novax Center.

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