Uef icon commander generic UEF T3 Support Armored Command Unit[e]
UEL0301 build btn
A multi-purpose construction, repair, capture and reclamation unit. Equivalent to a Tech 3 Engineer.
Build Costs Energy icon -114000
Mass icon -9600
Time icon 36000
Storage Energy icon 5000
Mass icon 275
Energy icon -0
Energy icon 200
Mass icon 2
Build Rate
Time icon60/s
Max Health Health icon 32000 (+20/sec)
Speed 2.2 (Amphibious)
Veterancy UEF veteran icon Kills icon 30 ( Health icon +5/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 26
Water Vision: 26
Omni: 16
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 100
Projectile  Damage
Reload time 1 seconds
Range (min - max) 1 - 25
Damage radius

The UEF T3 Support Armored Command Unit is a UEF command unit, providing direct fire and building support/resource generation. Deployed at the Quantum gateway, the UEF uses it as support to the Main Command Unit or ACU.

The UEF Support-ACU shines as a combat support unit; its Shield Generator Field has 52,000 HP making it by far the toughest shield in the game (and giving the S-ACU 84,000 total HP). It can also inflict decent damage when upgraded with the Energy Accelerator, which doubles the DPS due to increased rate of fire, and Heavy Plasma Refractor for area of effect. This strong combination is known as the "Rambo" style, but is not invincible. In battle it functions best as an escort for Percivals.


However, please note that even when upgraded with the Shield Generator Field the game recognizes the sACU as an engineer unit rather than a shield unit and assigns it to the back of any formations, rather than putting it in a position where its shield can cover your units. Ergo, if you want to use the sACU in formations you will require considerable amounts of micro. A possible workaround is attaching it by the assist command, and using the formation move to fix it in relative position.

The Enhanced Sensor System is a useful alternative for getting intelligence, especially against opponents employing stealth. A notable use is against Cybran T3 Air or SCUs, and so defensive sensors are useful if the SCU is not actively in combat (where the LCH accelerator would be preferred).

The ultimate power of the UEF SCU is its ability to, when upgraded with a bubble shield, march straight onto a battlefield and safely build structures such as point defence guns by constructing them under the security of its shield, or reclaiming significant amounts of mass from experimental wrecks. While the SCU itself has little firepower, the ability to build T3 Ravager point defences directly within firing range of the enemy is a fearsome weapon indeed.

Upgrades Edit

Back upgrades Edit

Radar Jammer
Radar Jammer creates false radar images. Countered by Omni sensors.
Energy icon31250 Mass icon1000 Time icon7500

Maintaining this upgrade costs 100 Energy per second.

C-D2 Engineering Drone
Engineering Drone acts as a secondary Engineer. Assists the SACU where applicable.
Energy icon2400 Mass icon120 Time icon2400
Personal Shield Generator
Creates a protective shield around the SACU. Requires Energy to run.
Energy icon93750 Mass icon2000 Time icon7500

Gives the unit a shield of 32000HP and a size of 3. It regenerates 50 HP per second, and redeploys after destruction in 2m 50s (188HP per second). Maintaining the upgrade costs 500 Energy per second.

Shield Generator Field
Expands the radius of the SACU's personal shield. Requires Energy to run.
Energy icon210000 Mass icon3000 Time icon9000

Gives the unit a shield of 52000HP and a size of 20. It regenerates 150 HP per second, and redeploys after destruction in 3:35 (242HP per second). Maintaining the upgrade costs 500 Energy per second.

Left arm upgrades Edit

Energy Accelerator
Rapidly cools any weapon mounted onto the SACU. Increases rate of fire.
Energy icon45000 Mass icon1000 Time icon5000

Upgrades the weapon's rate of fire to 2.5.

Enhanced Sensor System
Greatly expands the range of the standard onboard SACU sensor systems.
Energy icon20000 Mass icon1000 Time icon5000

Gives the unit a new vision radius of 40 and a new Omni radius of 72.

Right arm upgrades Edit

Heavy Plasma Refractor
Equips the standard SACU Heavy plasma cannon with area-of-effect damage.
Energy icon60000 Mass icon1500 Time icon6000

Gives the unit a new damage radius of 2.5.

Resource Allocation System
Increases SACU's resource generation.
Energy icon30000 Mass icon2500 Time icon6000

Gives the unit a new production rate of 900 Energy per second and 10 Mass per second.

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