Uef icon land3 artillery UEF T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery: Demolisher[e]
UEL0304 build btn
Slow-moving heavy artillery. Must be stationary to fire.
Build Costs Energy icon -8000
Mass icon -800
Time icon 4800
Max Health Health icon 950
Speed 2.5 (Land)
Veterancy UEF veteran icon Kills icon 9 ( Health icon +3/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 26
Artillery - Projectile
DPS 75
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Reload time 10 seconds
Range 90

The UEF T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery, nicknamed the Demolisher, is a UEF indirect fire unit. It must stop moving and deploy stabilizers before it fires.

The Demolisher has a smaller blast radius than the Trebuchet and Suthanus, but a slightly larger radius than the Serenity. It lacks the Serenity's damage and ability to fire on the move, but it posesses a higher rate of fire and an overall higher DPS. The Demolisher is also the second-most accurate T3 mobile artillery, only just behind the Serenity. Like the other T3 mobile artillery, the Demolisher has a very high firing arc, allowing it to fire from below terrain inclines with ease. This unit is highly effective for sieging expansion bases or defending ridges. Adequately supported, a force of these can be either a hassle to deal with or very entertaining to use.

Vanilla Supcom DescriptionEdit

"The preferred mobile artillery piece for many Commanders, the Demolisher fires Anti-Matter Shells from a purpose-built Long Range Artillery Cannon. The Demolisher's cannot fire while moving."

Factional DifferencesEdit

The Aeon version of this unit does not need to deploy to fire.


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