Uef icon structure3 directfire UEF T3 Heavy Point Defense: Ravager[e]
XEB2306 build btn
Heavy defensive tower. Attacks land- and sea-based units. Does not engage aircraft or submerged units.
Build Costs Energy icon -16000
Mass icon -1800
Time icon 1500
Max Health Health icon 7500
Veterancy UEF veteran icon Kills icon 24 ( Health icon +3/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 24
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 328
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Energy Required
Energy icon-50 (-50/s)
Salvo Size
Reload time
15 Projectiles (in 2.8 s)
8 seconds
Range 70

The UEF T3 Heavy Point Defense nicknamed the Ravager is a UEF PD building. It is a heavy defensive tower that attacks land and naval units, but cannot engage aircraft or submerged units. It's an extremely powerful base defense, especially when deployed in groups of 4 or more, and is next to impossible to beat, if used in the right way, and situation. It is armed with the devastating Heavy Gatling Cannon, which has a DPS of 328, shoots in bursts of 15 shots, and has an extremely long range (enough to out-range all T2 and most T3 vehicles, along with some Experimentals).

Due to the 8 second reload time, this unit works best if one mixes it with some Tech 2 and 1 PD. Also, T2 artillery installations may be recommended because your Ravagers will be out-ranged by Seraphim sniper bots and or T3 mobile heavy artillery. Massed Ravagers will destroy just about anything in the blink of an eye, as 20+ Ravagers can take out most Experimentals before they can inflict much damage. If built in large groups, try to build them in an echelon formation, as this allows the number of shots going at the enemy to increase as they advance. This increases the overall DPS of your defensive line, as one of the Ravagers will almost always be firing. Also build these on the edges of cliffs and bluffs to hamper enemy movement.

It's worth noting that the Ravager is the only point defense which requires energy to operate. Make sure you have a solid energy production if you deploy multiple ravagers- a sudden strike on your power grid by your opponent can result in half your defenses going offline.

Curiously, the Ravager actually has eight barrels, but only six muzzle openings.


A UEF T3 Point Defense, Mech Marine for scale

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