Uef icon ship2 shield UEF T2 Shield Boat: Bulwark[e]
XES0205 build btn
Naval shield generator. Provides protection for all nearby vessels.
Build Costs Energy icon -10400
Mass icon -1040
Time icon 4800
Energy icon -150
Max Health
Shield Health
Shield Rebuild
Shield Radius
Health icon 750
Shield icon8000 (+80/sec)
Time icon32 (+250/sec)
Speed 7 (Water)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 32

The UEF T2 Shield Boat, nicknamed the Bulwark, is a UEF utility unit. It is a naval shield generator that provides protection for all nearby vessels or amphibious units. The Bulwark is also great for protecting your naval factories, since none of the UEF's other shield generators can be built on the water.

Like any shield generator, the Bulwark is vulnerable to any units that can get inside the shield, especially submarines. It is not very difficult for units to get inside and target the Bulwark itself, so keep a sharp eye out when battling an enemy fleet. The Bulwark is rather speedy, so take care that that it doesn't zoom ahead of the rest of your navy unsupported. Its speed does help it catch up if it falls behind your fleet, however, or to flee from the enemy if the rest of the fleet is sunk. The shield radius is massive and can easily protect a fleet of ships, but be careful as the shield isn't exceptionally powerful. This unit is especially useful when protecting a fleet that is bombarding the shore from defenses such as Ravagers and Artillery.


Though the Bulwark is the only naval vessel equipped with a shield, both the Aeon Asylum and the Seraphim Athanah are hover vehicles and may be used in a similar manner. The Asylum has a weaker shield, and both have a far smaller shield radius. However, they are often regarded as better shield units due to cost effectiveness, allowing you to field more of them at once. They are slower than the Bulwark, but are amphibious and therefore can be used to protect land units as well as naval units.

Shields deployed over the water form a bubble that extends underwater, and therefore also protect naval vessels from both torpedo and depth-charge attacks. However, the shield radius indicator shown when the Bulwark is selected represents the maximum extent of the shield underwater, not where the shield meets the water's surface, where it protects a smaller area.


A UEF Bulwark

The other factions can use hovering mobile shield generators to protect their ships. Here is a comparison of different mobile shield generators suited for naval use:

Unit name Aeon Asylum Seraphim Athanah UEF Bulwark

Unit Health

100 400 750
Shield Health 5000 10000 8000

Rebuild rate

192 222 250
Radius 16 20 120
Mass Cost 144 640 1040
Energy Cost 1080 4800 10400
Build Time 720 3200 4800
Energy Usage rate -125 -300 -150
Speed 4 (Hover) 4 (Hover) 7 (Water)
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