Uef icon land2 directfire UEF T2 Heavy Tank: Pillar[e]
UEL0202 build btn
Heavy tank. Equipped with reinforced armor and dual cannons.
Build Costs Energy icon -990
Mass icon -198
Time icon 880
Max Health Health icon 1200
Speed 3.3 (Land)
Veterancy UEF veteran icon Kills icon 6 ( Health icon +2/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 53
Projectile  Damage
Salvo Size
Reload time
2 Projectiles
1.3 seconds
Range 23

The UEF T2 Heavy Tank, nicknamed the Pillar, is the UEF's primary Tech 2 land unit. Sporting a dual-barreled Gauss Cannon, it is a typical direct fire unit. The Pillar is a very sturdy tank with a decent damage radius. It is usually considered the UEF's workhorse unit.

Unit details Edit

The Pillar is a heavy and robust unit, perfect for defense or assault. Its shells travel in an arc that allows it to fire over concrete or minor elevation changes. Because of low mobility, you should always move Pillars in close formation to concentrate their firepower. A mixed group of Pillars and Parashields is an especially dangerous formation. The Pillars are strong enough to act as mobile point defense units, while their low speed and close formation allows the Parashields to perfectly defend them, in one solid wall formation, much like a point defense creep. Any unit coming in range will not only immediately take fire from all pillars in the formation simultaneously, it will also have to break through several close formation shields to inflict any damage at all.

Pillar vs Mongoose Edit

With the release of Forged Alliance, use of the Pillar has dropped in favor of the Mongoose, the UEF's other tech 2 direct fire land unit. The Pillar is slower and less maneuverable, wields less firepower, and has a shorter range than the equally-priced Mongoose. Because of this, it is not as well suited for mobile warfare, where a full head-on confrontation is rare. Its main advantage is that it has 33% more hit points: 1200 compared to the Mongoose's 900. Because of this, the Pillar is more often used in a base defense role where direct confrontation is inevitable. However, in 3603 the Mongoose has only 650 HP whereas the Pillar has 1500 HP so it is a much more balanced choice.

Vanilla SupCom DescriptionEdit

"The heaviest tank in the UEF arsenal, the Pillar features Dual Gauss Cannons which fire High Explosive ordinance. With it's heavy armor, the Pillar has become a staple of UEF armies."

Factional Differences Edit

The Cybrans' Rhino has a higher DPS. However, it has an extremely low firing arc, and only 750 hit points, which is slightly less than two-thirds as many as the Pillar.

The Seraphim and Aeon's Tech 2 heavy land units, the Obsidian and the Ilshavoh are higher category units. They cost almost twice as much as the Pillar, but are also twice as effective (double Hp, double DPS), making them similar units, cost wise, but almost four times as efficient in equally numbered fights (e.g. in a 1v1 fight, an Illshavoh will kill a Pillar and have 3/4 of its health remaining) meaning that a number of smaller groups of Pillars will lose to their higher-powered brethren, even if their total mass value is the same, due to them being less concentrated.

While this is true for all fights in Supreme Commander, you must pay special attention when using the Pillar, due to the similarities of physical size between the different units.


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