Uef icon gunship2 directfire UEF T2 Gunship: Stinger[e]
UEA0203 build btn
Light gunship. Equipped with one riot gun and a single transportation clamp.
Build Costs Energy icon -6000
Mass icon -300
Time icon 2000
Max Health Health icon 1100
12 (Air)
Fuel icon6:40
Veterancy UEF veteran icon Kills icon 6 ( Health icon +2/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 32
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 60
Projectile  Damage
Rate of Fire
3 Projectiles/s
Range 22
Damage radius

The UEF T2 Gunship, nicknamed the Stinger, is a UEF unit. It is a gunship, and arguably the best of the T2 gunships for it's high hp and transport clamp.

Factional DifferencesEdit

The Stinger mounts a Hells Fury Riot Gun, which features a high DPS and ROF, thus making it very effective against any slow-moving target. However, it has no damage radius, and therefore must single out one enemy at a time. It provides excellent close air support for advancing armies by picking out specific targets such as higher tech units.

The Stinger also possesses a transport hook that can carry one T1 or T2 unit.

Tip: Attach a T1 Mech Marine to the transport hook for an additional 21 DPS, since the MM can fire from a transport, or an engineer so you can destroy defenses around the target and hack it.


The Stinger equipped with a mech marine for extra DPS

Tier DifferencesEdit

It is less powerful than the UEF T3 Gunship, but cheaper and better suited against moving targets, as well as having a transport clamp to move engineers, flak AA, combat units, or a mech marine for extra DPS.


The UEF Stinger

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