Uef icon land2 engineer UEF T2 Field Engineer: Sparky[e]
UEL0209 build btn
Build Costs Energy icon -1000
Mass icon -225
Time icon 1000
Storage Energy icon 200
Mass icon 30
Energy icon -15
Build Rate
Time icon10/s
Max Health Health icon 1040
Speed 3 (AmphibiousFloating)
Veterancy UEF veteran icon Kills icon 6 ( Health icon +2/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Radar: 30
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 30
Projectile  Damage
Rate of Fire
2 Projectiles/s
Range 18

The UEF T2 Field Engineer, nicknamed the Sparky, is a UEF unit. It is an engineer suited to constructing defenses and clearing reclaim.

The Sparky is combat-oriented, with many useful adaptations. It moves considerably faster than any engineer and has more hp than a normal T2 engineer (although still less than a T3 engineer). It mounts a Hell's Fury Riot Gun which allows it to defend itself from light T1 enemies. It also includes both radar and jamming systems. The drawback to this improved combat efficiency is its limited engineering suite, being restricted to T1 and T2 defensive structures such as the Triad PD. However, it can reclaim or assist other construction just as well as any other T2 engineer.

Keeping a few of these engineers with your main army gives them extra firepower, and a decent defense from the jamming it provides, as well as repairing. Additionally, after a victorious encounter, you can make up for the lost mass invested in destroyed units easily by reclaiming remains of enemy and friendly units. Its jamming can really mess up point defences as they aim randomly and often target units that are not there, lowering their effective DPS. They can help you set up a defensive point, build structures to help you get a base up on that point and repair those structures during and between fights.

The Sparky as a Combat AssistantEdit

Despite their limited engineering suite, just like any other engineer, the Sparky can still assist a more advanced unit such as the standard T2 or T3 engineer or, even better, a UEF SCU. Combined with the SCU's shield dome upgrade, 3 or 4 Sparky's can allow you to build a very powerful firebase under heavy fire in mere seconds, and also rapidly destroy most of the small-yet-fast groups that an enemy might send out to try to stop you, should you not have time to deploy PDs first.

In addition, a group of 6-10 Sparky's is an excellent choice for assisting a Fatboy, capable of providing close-range fire support against any enemies that manage to survive the Fatboy's artillery, as well as supplementing the Fatboy's already impressive build rate while remaining under its protective shield.

Once T3 units become pervasive, the combination of a Fatboy, an SCU, and multiple Sparky's can increase the survivability of the entire group due to overlapping shields from the SCU and Fatboy as well, creating a nearly invincible forward base unless your opponent is willing to commit considerable resources to destroying them. (Note that while such a formation can take on most Experimental units, if the enemy has an Ythotha on the attack, the best option is to retreat to avoid being fried by its residual energy signature if it is destroyed and blown up by its large arsenal if not.)


Two UEF Field Engineers with one firing its riot gun

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