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Tech 1 EngineerUEL0105 build btnURL0105 build btnUAL0105 build btnXSL0105 build btn
Tech 2 EngineerUEL0208 build btnURL0208 build btnUAL0208 build btnXSL0208 build btn
Tech 3 EngineerUEL0309 build btnURL0309 build btnUAL0309 build btnXSL0309 build btn
Tech 1 Engineering DroneXEA3204 build btnNo-unitNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 2 Engineering StationXEB0104 build btnXRB0304 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 3 Engineering StationXEB0204 build btnNo-unitNo-unitNo-unit
OtherUEL0209 build btnNo-unitNo-unitNo-unit
UEF icon land1 engineer UEF T1 Engineering Drone:  C-D2 "Rover-2"
XEA3204 build btn
'[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon -500 or 2500 in 3603
Mass icon -50 or 250 in 3603
Time icon 150 or 750 in 3603
Build rate
Time icon25 or 15 in 3603/s
Max healthHealth icon 6
Speed4 (Air)
Intel (radius) Vision: 12
Weapon: Air Crash
Damage 10
Damage radius 1
UEF icon structure1 engineer UEF T2 Engineering Station:  The Kennel
XEB0104 build btn
Automatically repairs, reclaims, assists or captures any unit within its operational radius.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon -2750
Mass icon -550
Time icon 1100
Build rate
Time icon20/s
Max healthHealth icon 1000
Intel (radius) Vision: 15
UEF icon structure3 engineer UEF T3 Engineering Station:  The Kennel
XEB0204 build btn
Automatically repairs, reclaims, assists or captures any unit within its operational radius.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon -2500
Mass icon -500
Time icon 2000
Build rate
Time icon20/s
Max healthHealth icon 3000
Intel (radius) Vision: 15

The UEF T2 Engineering Station: The Kennel, the UEF T3 Engineering Station: The Kennel and the UEF T1 Engineering Drone: C-D2 "Rover-2" are a set of UEF units. They are engineers.

While by default the drone only roam a limited distance from their Kennel, they can be assigned to a structure, or preferably, an engineer in which case they follow, and assist, the engineer at any distance from their base. You can also manually set drones to reclaim dead units or rocks (mass) or plants (energy) far outside their default range.

Since a Rover's build rate is even higher than a T3 engineer, building multiple Kennels (especially upgraded ones, which contain 2 Rovers) will put a considerable strain on your economy if you use them carelessly, but will massively improve your building efficiency.

Being, for all intents and purposes, flying engineers, Rovers are capable of flying out and either capturing or reclaiming enemy land units or structures with no fear of enemy fire, since most land units cannot attack air units. Their high build rate makes them lethally effective at this. However, even a single unit capable of attacking air units will stop this trick dead. Also, Rovers are air units they can be attacked by strafing interceptors, fighter-bombers and ASFs.

T3 engineering station visible drones - Kopia

T3 Kennels; Left-Visible Drones; Right-Closed

SCFrame Tue Jul 20 193742 2010 00014

A UEF Kennel in its default T2 configuration. The drone can be seen resting in its storage area inside the Kennel


A C-D2 "Rover-2" Engineering Drone. Although it looks very large in this picture the drone is,if not the smallest unit in the game, then one of the smallest.

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