Uef icon land2 directfire UEF T2 Amphibious Tank: Riptide[e]
UEL0203 build btn
Amphibious tank. Provides direct-fire support with two riot guns.
Build Costs Energy icon -1980
Mass icon -363
Time icon 1320
Max Health Health icon 1700
Speed 3.7 (Hover)
Veterancy UEF veteran icon Kills icon 7 ( Health icon +2/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 15
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 81
Projectile  Damage
Salvo Size
Rate of Fire
2 Projectiles
3 salvos/s
Range 18

The UEF T2 Amphibious Tank, nicknamed the Riptide, is a UEF unit. This is a direct fire unit.

The Riptide is an Amphibious Tank that is both inexpensive and very capable--one of the best amphibious units in the game. It has decent HP and is armed with a Hells Fury Riot Gun. This unit also hovers, making it immune to torpedoes. It is the third most powerful T2 land unit at medium range (after the Ilshavoh and Obsidian) but it costs more than either, making it decidedly inferior. (The most powerful T2 land-capable unit is arguably the Salem Class, as it can walk on land). However, it must be noted that idle Riptides can be ambushed from beyond their own range by Wagners and destroyed with ease. Charging toward each other in attack-move, the Riptide and Wagner stop at their own firing range and achieve mutually assured destruction, however, if the Riptide continues to close range, all the way to ramming (literally bumping the other unit into moving), and the Wagner, staying staionary, has its guns already turned by the time the Riptide can be fired on, the Wagner will survive with minimal health left. If strafing is used, however, the Riptide will outdo the Wagner if it can dodge even one shell.

T2 amphibious tank


Pillar v  versus RiptideEdit

There are many situations that the Riptide is more useful on land than the Pillar, such as base defence in the earlier stages. These badboys can rip oncoming armies to pieces when paired with Mobile Shields due to the very accurate Hells Fury Riot Guns and better focus fire than the gauss cannons of that of the Pillar.

An example of this would be when mass armies are approaching and the Pillar fires 2-5 shots before even landing its first hit. Because of this overkill, the Pillar is very vulnerable and inefficent at taking out moving units when stationary. The Pillar should be used where larger DPS is required in conquering or attacking, such as taking out key buildings such as factories and point defence. The Riptide is also very good at kiting, due to its hover capabilities, there are no tracks or turning to slow it down, so it can merely spin to face its target rather than stop and turn. 

Vanilla SupCom DescriptionEdit

"While the UEF's amphibious tank does only light damage, it's rate of fire can make quick work of even the thickest hulls. The unit's air cushion let's it traverse across the deepest bodies of water."

Where and how the Riptide works wellEdit

The Riptide is incredibly useful on maps with water, being one of the fastest and fiercest Amphibious units on the battlefield. In pairs it can make quick work of T1 units, including Point Defences. In small groups it can clear out defenses to prepare an LZ, or it can be used to safely and effectively eliminate torpedo launchers to clear the way for naval vessels. It has difficulty moving while firing, or firing at moving targets, because its weapon is not turret mounted; it is fixed to fire forward, so the whole tank must turn to face the target. This is mitigated by the fact that, since it is a hover unit, it can turn quickly. Even on maps without water, the Riptide is an excellent unit for dealing with swarms of T1 units. In contrast, its closest counterpart in power, the Wagner, is more geared toward taking on T2 or even some lighter T3 units with its higher-damage weaponry, but cannot hope to challenge naval assets by using its torpedoes, let alone if those targets have their own torpedoes.

Packs of Riptides are very effective at removing low-HP ships such as Shards or T2 Cruisers while avoiding submarines - if they can catch them. The Riptide still moves at the speed of a land unit (albeit a fast land unit), making it possible for most naval units to simply outrun it. Riptides are easily countered by enemy Destroyers, which can take and dish out too much punishment for a group of Riptides to destroy without heavy casualties. But thats a diffrent story for cruisers, as 20 can sink them with little or no casualties. Also, Riptides can make a very good spearhead for assaulting island bases when the enemy has naval support, especially before T3 comes into play.

Two Riptides attack a Tide

Riptides can be useful for safely removing torpedo launchers, as shown in this image of two Riptides attacking a Tide torpedo defence.

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