Uef icon land1 intel UEF T1 Land Scout: Snoop[e]
UEL0101 build btn
Fast, lightly armored reconnaissance vehicle. Armed with a machine gun and a state-of-the-art sensor suite.
Build Costs Energy icon -80
Mass icon -12
Time icon 80
Max Health Health icon 29
Speed 4.5 (Land)
Veterancy UEF veteran icon Kills icon 2 ( Health icon +1/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 24
Radar: 45
Direct Fire - Projectile
Projectile  Damage
Reload time 2 seconds
Range 25

The UEF T1 Land Scout, nicknamed the Snoop, is a UEF unit. This is an intelligence unit.

The Snoop is a very light and very fast unit. It has low HP, and is armed only with a Tom Cat Machinegun for attacking ground targets. The machinegun is so weak that it is recommended that you only use it against other T1 scouts or T1 units that don't shoot back, like radar emplacements. It is equipped with sensors that give it a long Line of Sight radius as well as Radar.

The Snoop is a Scout. It has the most HP of the land scouts and has radar that enables it to detect and destroy Cybran Moles. It can also beat the Aeon Spirit in direct combat. It cannot, however, cross water like the Spirit. The Snoop is the toughest unit in its class (by just 6 hp), but also the most expensive.

The Snoop is an essential part of T1 land armies, allowing long-ranged units, particularly T1 Artillery and the Aeon Aurora to utilize their full range. It is often used as a replacement for a T1 radar emplacement due to a similar range, low cost, and zero energy consumption.

Vanilla SupCom DescriptionEdit

"The UEF Scout is a fast, lightly armored reconnaissance vehicle which sports a machine gun and a state-of-the-art sensore suite"


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