Uef icon land1 engineer UEF T1 Engineering Drone: C-D1 "Rover" & C-D2 "Rover"[e]
UEA0001 build btn UEA0003 build btn
Engineering Drone
Build Costs Energy icon -1600
Mass icon -160
Time icon 400
Build Rate
Time icon5/s
Max Health Health icon 6
Speed 4 (Air)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 12
Damage radius
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The UEF T1 Engineering Drone, nicknamed the C-D1 "Rover", is a UEF unit. This is an engineer. This unit is available through an ACU upgrade. It's selectable as an air unit when it's deployed.

The required upgrades are the 2 shoulder pack upgrades on the chest area. Build the first one then the second one. These "Rovers" increase your ACU's building speed. Use this in conjunction with the Resource Allocation System and a T3 Engineering Suite to make your ACU the fastest builder in the game. The second Engineering Drone, nicknamed the C-D2 "Rover", except for its name, is the same unit

It can build basic tech 1 structures such as factories, mass extractors, power generators, point defenses, anti air turrets, torpedo launchers, and walls. This allows Rovers to fly behind an enemy base and build a firebase there or capture enemy engineers.

While most commanders dismiss the rovers as nearly useless, they have a huge advantage over the rest of the engineering force: a speed of 4. On larger maps this can give you a GIANT advantage in taking early mass points, deconstructing enemy extractors, stealing the enemy's reclaimables, or perhaps laying down an early PD. Their instant-tracking and floating nature also makes them perfect wall builders; they will build a wall non-stop with no interruption as they hover along constructing the pieces. They won't get themselves stuck or boxed in while doing it, either, making them excellent for reinforcing a damaged wall, or multilayering existing wall sections.

While rovers may reclaim, repair, and capture units, they lack the ability to patrol, and must be manually ordered to do so. Except for high-value reclaimation targets, this is often more distracting than it is beneficial to your economy.

C-D2 rover

The C-D2 ''Rover'' Drone is very similar to C-D1 version. It is used by sACUs.


The C-D1 "Rover" Drone up close. Although it appears large it is actually a very small unit


The Two C-D1 Rover Drones docked in their default spot on the ACU

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