Uef icon experimental generic UEF Experimental Aircraft Carrier: Atlantis[e]
UES0401 build btn
Submersible aircraft carrier. Can store, transport and repair aircraft. Armed with torpedo launchers and AA weapons.
Build Costs Energy icon -150000
Mass icon -12000
Time icon 9000
Build Rate
Time icon240/s
Max Health Health icon 40000
Speed 2.5 (SurfacingSub)
Veterancy UEF veteran icon Kills icon 30 ( Health icon +10/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 100
Water Vision: 100
Radar: 250
Sonar: 252
Anti Navy - Torpedo
DPS 400
Torpedo  Damage
Salvo Size
Reload time
4 Torpedos
2 seconds
Range 80
Anti Air - Projectile
DPS 140
Projectile  Damage
Reload time 2 seconds
Range 60

The UEF Experimental Aircraft Carrier, nicknamed the Atlantis, is an UEF experimental unit which is an underwater carrier, with torpedoes, air staging functions and build capability. It is the cheapest experimental unit in the game.

The Atlantis is both a Submarine and an Aircraft Carrier. It has a very large carrying capacity of 150 planes or gunships, a strong Flayer SAM Launcher array, and a powerful set of Angler Torpedo launchers. These factors combined make the Atlantis an extremely powerful and versatile naval unit, capable of single-handedly taking out entire fleets of enemy ships and submarines, as well as being able to surface temporarily to destroy any aircraft which may be a threat, before re-submerging into safety. It can also construct any UEF aircraft other than transports when stationary with exceptional speed. It can construct a T3 gunship in 30 seconds. Be warned, the Atlantis uses proportionally more mass and energy building; four times as much as the standard T3 air factory. 

When submerged, strategic missiles, depth charges, tactical missiles (if the water is shallow enough) and torpedoes are the only way to damage the Atlantis. While surfaced, the Atlantis can still fire its torpedoes, and can attack enemy aircraft with its SAM AA launcher. However it becomes vulnerable to surface attacks by enemy ships, bombers, and other land-based units.

With 40000 HP, the Atlantis is big trouble to enemy naval forces. The torpedoes of the Atlantis can easily sink a Tempest, provided that the Atlantis is submerged. The Atlantis can act as a super air factory, or an offensive submarine unit, or both if it builds 150 torpedo bombers and aggressively deploys them. A UEF commander that builds the first Atlantis in the game can easily gain naval supremacy.

There are only two effective ways to counter the submerged Atlantis. The first, cheaper strategy is to build up a large defensive net made up of T2 torpedo launchers (however this could delay the assault at best since the Atlantis has longer range than the launchers in FA).The second alternative method is to attack the carrier using T2/T3 Torpedo Bombers. At this point the carrier can either continue to soak up the damage and eventually hit the bottom of the ocean, or it can surface to fire the SAM AA launchers to kill the bombers. The Atlantis is most vulnerable when surfaced, so if your torpedo bombers succeed in surfacing the Atlantis, its best to strike it with all you've got.

The Atlantis is the most powerful single naval unit in the game. However having one in the water does not guarantee naval supremacy. Other than another Atlantis, the Seraphim T3 Submarine Hunters-Yathsou are the most effective naval units to combat the Atlantis. The Atlantis can still effectively combat them, provided you keep them in your firing range.

A good strategy is to surface the Atlantis and have it deploy all its aircraft, using its powerful SAM AA to protect itself from enemy aircraft. After all aircaft deploy, submerge the Atlantis to safety.

Also, a useful tip for Atlantis is to have it construct a number of Storks, in case of any superior naval attack force.


  1. The Atlantis does not come with HP regeneration, and combined with the lack of anti-torpedo system means that it will lack adequete protection from enemy subs. However, its own torpedo systems have a range of 80, it outranges all kinds of torpedo launchers as well as all submarines, even the T3 Yathsou (but not the Cybran T3 torpedoes or the Tempest)  .
    1. Combined with the on-board radar and sonar makes first strikes garaunteed against any battle, almost like an underwater sniper. However, its greatest weakness is the T3 HARMS from Cybran, since it has the same range and DPS.
  2. Always attempt to destroy as much as possible with the Atlantis, surface if needed, as veterancy will be very important; Giving to the HP regeneration greatly increasing survival chances.
  3. A CZAR is a deadly unit against the Atlantis, since it'll need to submerge from the Quantum Beam and yet avoid the Depth Charges that come thereafter.
  4. There is a useful bug in the Atlantis. If you launch all aircraft inside and quickly submerge the Atlantis, they will eject mid-emerge.

Trivia Edit

  • During the E3 Trailer, the Atlantis was shown with visible Flayer SAM Launchers, similar to those on the UEF T3 Heavy Air Transport but this was apparently removed from the full release.
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