Total Annihilation is a game by Chris Taylor. It was an excellent RTS that received wide acclaim, including Gamespot's Game of the Year for 1997, that involved a 4000 year war between 2 factions, the organic (cloned) ARM and the mechanical (Patterned) CORE. Although Supreme Commander has a lot of similarities to Total Annihilation, it is considered the "spiritual successor" to Total Annihilation and not a true sequel.

Comparison of the two gamesEdit

Total Annihilation continues to be popular today and has a very active modding community, including a completely updated game version. Some key differences between Supreme Commander and TA include:

  • TA's default AI is generally considered to be significantly superior to and much more challenging than Supreme Commander's default AI, although Supreme Commander's AI has several strategies to choose from for a more challenging game. Supreme Commander has the ability to run the AI on a separate core of a processor in a multicore system, allowing the AI to become a lot more challenging.
  • TA's default AI pursues the creation of much larger armies and much more violent superweapon strategies leading to much larger and grittier battles of longer duration.
  • TA's vehicles and buildings contain more subtle differences between each side compared to Supreme Commander. TA's units are also more specialised in their individual roles and have a larger and more exotic variety compared to Supreme Commander.
  • Supreme Commander's graphics are more supple, detailed and pleasant to view.

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