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The Way is a philosophy that all should embrace peace. The Way was invented by the Seraphim, a greyskinned, technologically sophisticated and bizarre alien race that was probably humanoid, and was taught to what became the Aeon Illuminate. It is also stated that the Way is so advanced, it is said it shifted the perception of those who learned and embraced it - so much one cannot help but share the others in "something wonderful". The Seraphim, followers of the Way, as a result of the empathic energies, are completely unable to terminate life, so they employed Warriors that voluntarily sever their connection with The Way, making them emotionless killing machines. Those who do not follow the Way supposedly go into the "Abyss" when they die, and if someone does, their spirit supposedly lives on after their death.

After the Seraphim were murdered on Seraphim II the Aeon could not fully understand The Way and therefore could not master it. Instead of universal peace, the Aeon Illuminate began to use the way to cleanse the humans that did not believe in The Way. In the fifth Aeon campaign mission, the princess realizes that this was a bad choice, that the Aeon have interpreted the Way in order to turn it into an excuse to destroy all non-believing humans. The princess hopes to correct this error by using Black Sun to spread a message of peace to all humans. With the arrival of the Seraphim, the Order of the Illuminate twist this excuse further, using it to kill all Aeon loyal to the princess rather than to the Seraphim. In mission 6 the princess, true to her vows, ends the Seraphim war by closing the quantum rift. This peace demonstration is widely considered one of the reasons that the following peace is held for 25 years.

However, in Supreme Commander 2, the peace is broken following the assassination of the newly elected President of the Coalition, an alliance of the Aeon, UEF, and Cybrans.

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