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NOTE :The Nomads are currently available in a beta state on Forged Alliance Forever only.


Nomads Logo black

Generations ago, the Earth Empire deported a group of separatists across the galaxy. After what seemed like an endless amount of time, the huge transports reached a remote desert planet in a spiral arm far away from the old Empire. Removed from their home, they became a legend and the last remaining records of their existence were lost in the Infinite War. While the UEF, Aeon, and Cybran fought over the remains of the Earth Empire, the separatists adapted and regained their strength. Resources were scarce on their new homeworld, and the deported began to build a large fleet to seek out more. The Nomads were born.

The Nomads used their fleet to conquer neighboring species, and forced them into submission. Scavenging the technology and resources of their victims, the Nomads learned to manipulate time and space on a level far superior to anything the Earth Empire and its descendants had ever seen. When the first prototype of a quantum fluctuation drive was successfully tested, the Nomads knew the time of their return was close.

The new FTL drive allowed them to strike at will and without warning; they were no longer forced to rely on Quantum Gates to travel long distances. The Nomads kept raiding the systems in their spiral arm of the galaxy increasing their numbers and strength and nurturing their wrath on the successors of the old Earth Empire. After traveling a millennia the Nomads are at the doorstep of their old foes. They have only one objective: Exterminate!

Sample unitEdit


Idle Silhouette.

The Nomads T1 Land Scout, nicknamed the Silhouette, is an intelligence unit.


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