Many abbreviations are in use by the community that are not used in-game: the following is a partial list.

Terms, abbreviationsEdit

  • Arty : Short for Artillery
  • Bomber Snipe/Bomber Rush : The act of destroying the enemy ACU with a single over sized bomber strike.
  • Brick : Short for The Brick, the Cybran T3 Armored Assault Bot
  • Bubble : Any large, area-covering shield
  • Exp/T4 : Short for Experimental
  • Fobo : Nickname for the Zthuee, the Seraphim T1 Mobile Light Artillery, a portmanteu of either "Floating Lobo" or Fervor and Lobo
  • Ghetto Gunship : A makeshift gunship. It consists in filling a transport with light assault bots, and having them fire from the air.
  • Harb : Short for Harbinger MK IV, the Aeon T3 Heavy Assault Bot
  • Mex : Short for Mass Extractor
  • Missile Snipe : The act the destroying the enemy ACU with a single well placed tactical missile salvo.
  • PD Creep : The act of building a Point Defense base, while always building slowly but surely closer to an enemy base.
  • Percy : Short for Percival, the UEF T3 Armored Assault Bot
  • PGen or just PG : Short for Power Generator
  • SAM : Short for Tech3 Anti-Air SAM Launcher
  • Strat Bomber : Short for the T3 strategic bomber

List of acronyms: Supreme Commander relatedEdit

  • AA : Anti-air
  • AAB : Armored Assault Bot - The heaviest bots in the game. Only includes the UEF Percival and the Cybran The Brick
  • ASF : Tech 3 Air-Superiority Fighter - The best air to air fighters in the game. Sometimes considered overpowered.
  • FA : Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
  • PD : Point Defense - armed defensive buildings capable of attacking nearby surface units
  • SAB : Siege Assault Bot - heavy T3 land unit. Designs the UEF Titan and the Cybran Loyalist1.
  • SAM : Surface to Air Missile. Used to refer to the missiles fired by the Tech3 Anti-Air SAM Launcher
  • SMD : Strategic Missile Defense
  • SML : Strategic Missile Launcher
  • TMD : Tactical Missile Defense
  • TML : Tactical Missile Launcher

1This naming comes from pre-Forged Alliance. The Harbinger is not part of the group, as it was promoted in power. The Titan, whose's name was promoted from Siege to Heavy, is still referred to as SAB.

List of acronyms: Non Supreme Commander relatedEdit

  • AoE : Area of effect. Generally used to describe weapon blast radius
  • DPS : Damage per second. When all factors are considered, how much damage a units does
  • FoW : Fog of War. Not often used, due to the intelligence aspect of the game
  • GG : Good Game
  • GJ : Good Job
  • GL : Good Luck
  • HF : Have Fun
  • RoF : Rate of fire. An important aspect of determining DPS