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This template is used to create Unit Navigational Boxes. It's first field UnitType, is the header of the box. It will be displayed as "Header Units". The second field UnitLink Defines what the header should link to. If not present, then there is no link.

The TxName Fields define the title of each line. If left blank, the line will not appear.

the last fields, 2 per Unit, define the unit Code, for the BuildIcon, and the unit Name, for it's page link.
The first letter defines the faction, and then the number defines the row number. For example, C3Name is the name of the Cybran's third row unit. Do not put Cybran in the unit name, this is automatically done by the template.

If you leave a value blank, then it'll appear as an empty box.

| UnitType=Header Name
| UnitLink=Header Link
| T1Name=Row 1
| T2Name=Row 2
| U1Code=UEB0103
| U1Name=T1 Naval Factory
| U2Code=
| U2Name=
| C1Code=URB0103
| C1Name=T1 Naval Factory
| C2Code=URB0203
| C2Name=T2 Naval Factory
| A1Code=UAB0103
| A1Name=T1 Naval Factory
| A2Code=UAB0203
| A2Name=T2 Naval Factory
| S1Code=XSB0103
| S1Name=T1 Naval Factory
| S2Code=XSB0203
| S2Name=T2 Naval Factory

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