Stubs are Supreme Commander Wiki articles that have insufficient information. Stubs are generally one paragraph or less which give little or no information, or information that is out of date. However, this does not mean the stub is not a legitimate article; it just needs to be expanded.


When creating or editing a stub, its goal is to become a full, informative article. However, some articles may not require much information, though they still must cover as much space.

Don't assume that additions and improvements will immediately pour in of themselves. The best way to draw the attention of others into contributing a stub is by editing it yourself. Even if you do a small edit it will appear on the recent changes page, where many seasoned users love to follow the action, and jump in where there's work being done.

Naming a stub

When you've created or found a small article, simply edit the page and add the {{stub}} template. When you've completed this and saved the page, the article will then include this box:

This article is a stub. You can help this wiki by expanding it.

This will show that the article is stub. When people view the page, they will see this and hopefully try to expand the article.

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