The NavBox Template is the second template used to create a unit navigational box. Here, we will explain how to create this second part of the box, the NavBox, correctly.


The NavBox looks like this:

Point Defense Tech 1 Point Defense DM1 Plasma Cannon Auto Gun Erupter Uttaus
Tech 2 Point Defense Triad Cerberus Oblivion Uttaushala
Tech 3 Heavy Point Defense Ravager No-unit No-unit No-unit

It is meant to be used as part of a MultyBox, (more details at Template:MultyBox/Doc), like this:

Creating a NavBox

Creating a NavBox is not complicated, this is the syntax you should use:

NavLine Syntax
 | UnitType = The Name as it appears in the left most box
 | UnitLink = The link to the unit type page

 | 1 = first NavLine
 | 2 = second NavLine
 | 8 = eighth NavLine

Things to be careful of when creating a NavBox:

  • the UnitLink page makes the UnitType text appear as a link. Use this link only if such a page exists.
  • not all the fields need to be filled. However, the field 1 MUST be filled.

The fields 1 through 8 need to be filled with a NavLine. This can either be by transclusion (recommended:{{NavLine/T1 Point Defense}}), or you can write it explicitly on the fly, by writing the template (less recommended). HEre is an example using both layouts:

 | UnitType = Point Defense
 | UnitLink = 
 | 1 = {{NavLine/T1 Point Defense}}
 | 2 = {{NAvLine/T2 Point Defense}}
 | 3 = {{NavLine
   | UnitType = Tech 3 Heavy Point Defense
   | UCode = XEB2306
   | UName = T3 Heavy Point Defense
   | UNick = Ravager

Limits and Obligations

  • Because NavLine is meant to be a part of a bigger table, it does not actually have a beginning <table> and an ending <table>. If you are using this template outside of a MultyNav, you MUST preced it with <table border="1" style="width:100%; border-collapse: collapse;">, and end it with </table>.
  • For ease of use while creating the NavLine, the above header and footer are atomically if you are in a sub page of Template:NavBox (for example: Template:NavBox/Subpage)
  • All NavBoxes MUST be created as a sub page of Template:NavBox. This is mainly for organization purposes.

List of already created NavBoxes

Below is a list of already written NavBoxes. See if what you need is here before writing a new one. You can also see the NavBoxes Category.

(The below content is Cached. If you must have a completely up to date table, preview this subsection with the variable allowcachedresults changed from true to false, but do not save this change.)

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Blank NavBox

Use this when creating a new NavBox

NavBox Syntax
 | UnitType = 
 | UnitLink = 
 | 1 = 
 | 2 = 
 | 3 = 
 | 4 = 
 | 5 = 
 | 6 = 
 | 7 = 
 | 8 = 
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