I find the UEF are the best for me, build Fast, upgrade Fast, and then attack Fast and Powerfully. Examples: Broadsword, Fatboy, Titan.

I'll grant you the powerful, but the UEF tends to be durable but slow. If you want fast units, use the cybran. Their Mantis and Hoplite are the fastest (and more importantly, mobile) units in their tier.Happypal 06:44, 30 May 2008 (UTC)

Revisions Edit

7/26/2011: Edited the UEF's culture and personality section to remove fanon that was not only unfounded, but ran counter to canon information. In short, symbionts are UEF citizens that volunteer for the process, not subhuman clones bred for slavery.

The manual makes it quite clear that the original symbiont program was volunteer-based, and also that the Earth Empire went through great pains to keep the loyalty program secret, even after its activation. To quote:

"After an initial round of testing, volunteers were recruited. Over the next few decades, hundreds of thousands joined the program. The Symbionts were placed in key roles throughout the galactic infrastructure. Over time, the Earth Empire became reliant upon the Symbiont’s speedy AI-assisted thinking, and their ability to perform complex processes quickly and easily."

And later on after the loyalty program was activated:

"Few people noticed the sudden change in Symbiont behavior because Earth Empire propaganda painted Brackman as the villain. The Earth Empire accused Brackman of inciting the violence in the first place by artificially agitating the Symbionts."

This heavily implies that they wanted to cover up the entire affair so that they could keep their steady supply of new volunteers from drying up. While the UEF certainly had the technology to mass-produce clones, there is no indication that this actually took place, or that even if they did, that they would be looked down upon as subhuman and fit for slavery. Remember, almost every single person in the galaxy not born on earth can trace their lineage directly back to the initial 1,000 bio-engineered clones that began each and every colony. If you yourself are descended from a clone, it makes far less sense for you to think of clones as being less than human, particularly when bio-engineering is so commonplace among the population at large.

I also edited the timeline, replacing unsourced fanon and incorrect dates with a verbatim copy of the official timeline. --Senteth 12:46, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

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