This is the stupidest article to have ever been created. If you can heal your own ACU using an upgrade, SO BE IT. THAT IS WHAT GAS POWERED GAMES INTENDED. And if other players whinge and moan, LET THEM. IF THEY HAD CHOSEN SERAPHIM THEY COULD DO THE SAME THING. I mean, was it really necessary to create an entire article about 'how to use the restoration field without causing game imbalance' because there are so many other articles that need to be created, LIKE the article on order commanders Gari and Victoria. Seraphim commander Shun Ullevash. Whoever created this article must be some kind of foolish pitiful scum, because WE DON'T NEED THIS ARTICLE!!!! Please spend your time making worthwhile articles. AND FOR THE RECORD, I'm pretty sure most sensible interesting and not-pathetic people like using that upgrade, BECAUSE THAY FEEL LIKE IT. Also this article is based on completely opinionated data. Thank You. Venators 05:48, 23 August 2009 (UTC)

Though what you said was true the reason that the pages were not created is that they were mnor characters.

Suppose that some people disagree with you, Venators? I would almost bet that at least half the community appreciates the article as much as some of the articles you posted, importance is in the eyes of the reader. Maybe you don't mind people whining and moaning when you play Supreme Commander, but I know of some people who, as much as they want to win, also want the other players to have a lot of fun. For these people, its not just about taking every possible step to win, its making sure that the other player has a fair chance and can enjoy themselves/have a good time whether that person wins or loses.

Oh, and by the way, your opinion is fine, because everyone is entitled to a say...but your attitude stinks, it may cause people to avoid posting out of fear that "It is a stupid article that is unnecessary to create." Remember what the wiki says? "This wiki needs your help! Please contribute what you know." If you look at my page contributions, you will see some really wonderful articles that people were glad I added. But when I read what you have to say on this article I wrote, do you really think I'm not discouraged to write more articles in the future because of fear that people like you are going to say "You are a scum for writing this?" In fact, you are part of the reason I stopped writing on this site. --Rebmaboss2

For my 2 cents, you know what most needs changing about this article? The title. It's WAY too long. Try to cut it down to "Restoration Field balance" or something- we know it's an upgrade, we know it's a Seraphim one and it's hardly like we're talking about any kind of imbalance other than game imbalance. Way too many extraneous words. Arcane Azmadi 01:28, September 13, 2009 (UTC)

Just a thought, but I don't think people that are bent on using the restoration field early game will be swayed by an article. It's common knowledge that it's imba, and people that don't know will will just ignore it and get the gun upgrade instead.

--I understand that; I can argue and whine all I want about the Aeon using AA gunships, but that doesn't mean they won't use them. But this article was more for people who are afraid to use the Seraphim upgrade either because they consider it "cheating" or because they don't want harrasing comments from other players. I'm one of those players who doesn't use it early game because it makes me feel like I'm playing unfairly.

Clarify? Edit

It probably ought to be clearer that the article is describing a proposed change, rather than the imbalance it mentions, or the existing forged alliance forever solution, which it also mentions. Jasonnorthrup (talk) 03:28, September 2, 2014 (UTC)

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