A tactical missile launcher is a unit that fires powerful missiles. They are considered tactical because they have a limited range, unlike strategic missile launchers.

Strategy Edit

As with strategic missile launchers, the launch site must be built first, and then each missile must be built. Tactical missile defense units are a very effective defense against tactical missiles. It is possible to overwhelm a tactical missile defense unit by simultaneously launching tactical missiles from many launchers. Tactical missiles can also be stopped by shields. Typically, even if a shield is knocked down by a tactical missile launcher, the shield will regenerate before the launcher can fire another missile, resulting in a stalemate.

Units Edit

For a list of tactical missile launchers, see the tactical missile launchers category.

Note that the Aeon version, Cybran version and UEF version of Strategic Missile Submarines are also tactical missile launchers because they fire tactical missiles as well as nuclear missiles.

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