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Example of a TVg-leveled ACU

Created by Ghaleon, TVg is a mod that alters the current veterancy system for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. It changes the veterancy so that an infinite amount of levels may be acheived by means other than destroying opposing units.

Known for it's ability to break a game, TVg allows experience to be gained through destroying units (where XP will be given based on the value of the destroyed target), creating resources, building, and in some cases, operating (existing). Of course, after thirty minutes of infinite veterancy, you start to get units and buildings, most importantly the ACU to very high levels where their destruction becomes much more difficult. While it'll be easier to build larger armies with TVg, the mod is hated by some and loved by others for its ability to make a game faster or more grand. At level 11, most stats are double their initial value, excluding speed and range, which will be 10% more.

The mod is different in single player than it is in multiplayer, where the game-breakingness will be greatly reduced, and levels gained are greatly reduced, though still infinite.

In Multiplayer,

·Economy, Intel, Shields, and Storages gain 1/3 of a level per minute when enabled.

·Builders gain XP on completing construction based on cost.

·Silos gain half of a level per minute of construction.

·Shields don't recharge after leveling up.

·Teleport Time decreases much more slowly and caps at a few seconds.

In Single Player, Multiplayer Co-op or Survival,

·Economy, Intel, Shields, and Storages gain 3/4 of a level per minute when enabled.

·Builders gain 2 levels and Silos gain half of a level per minute of construction.

·Shields recharge after leveling up.

·AI Unit levels can be adjusted with UI buttons.

·Teleport time decreases faster and caps at one second.

It should also be noted that TVg allows an extra ability to the ACU, flying. Officially called jump jets, your ACU is able to fly through the sky at a small cost of mass and energy. It is much faster than walking and can be used to traverse cliffs and mountains, and can also be used in offensive roles, the bulletstorm and dance of death. It could be easily argued to be overpowered. Another rather overpowered thing about TVg is that all units get 'extra lives' after each 25th level. If destroyed, units will be invincible for a short while before being attackable again. It would be wise for this unit to be transported away before it can be destroyed again. After destruction, units will lose many levels, so if your ACU is destroyed at Level 50 and you return at Level 35, it would be less than silly to admit defeat, especially if the game has went on long enough or the destroyed player having to start his base 100% over. Against AI, however, you could have a game go on forever until you're able to defeat him/her. AI seems to love any battle, modded or unmodded, that it can get into, since the sadistic suckers love to kill whatever they get their hands on, which may well be your ACU.

TVG can make or break a game. At 20:00 into a non-multiplayer game, let's assume you acheived T3 economy at 10:00. After ten minutes, a T3 mass extractor will be at level 8 (plus the experience earned through upgrading to T2 and T3) and will produce about 27 mass per second. T3 power generators could be expected to produce 4250 energy at level 8. At 20:00, the ACU should be around level 30, which is just less than 4x as powerful as it initially is. If you like powerful commanders and larger, more computer-intensive battles, then combine TVg with Blackops and Sorian AI and co-op or solo against the AI. These battles can be quite fun, especially in late-game experimental wars when experimentals can be built by the ACU within twenty seconds, and destroyed by it in five, but will definitely be uneventful, stalemative and possibly tiring at that point. If you are playing with Sorian AI, you'd do well to build Strategic Missile Defence early because higher level nukes do more damage and will be built faster by the Launchers. It isn't unheard of to have constant nuclear rain at the 45 minute mark. TVg is a fun mod, and is very fun in battles, but it isn't something you would replace original FA with.

Ghaleon's Total Veterancy, article written by TechnoGuard/GuardPatroller.

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