Tech 3 Air Units - Tech 3 air units are the most powerful air units any faction can build in an air factory. They have very high energy costs compared to T1 and T2 air units, but are well worth the extra cost. All 4 factions can build 3 types of T3 air units. These are :

  • the spy plane is an advanced version of the tech 1 scout plane. It is faster and harder to shoot down then its tech 1 counterpart, and boasts radar and omni coverage.
  • the Air-Superiority plane. It is designed to control the skies and shoot down any air threat.
  • the 'Strategic Bomber. A common use of the strategic bomber is to destroy experimental units that are on the ground and above water with little resistance. They can also be used to bomb any land or sea targets. Note that only the UEF and Cybran bombers have light AA guns.

Additionally, every faction except Seraphim has a Tech 3 heavy Gunship. These powerful gunships are very useful in attacking bases or isolated units with weak AA defenses.

The UEF also has a very helpful t3 gunship which can hold 28 t1, 12 t2, and 6 t3. It has decent AA and air to ground capabilities as well as a protective shield.

The aeon also have a special unit, the Solace, t3 torpedo bomber. It can take out a t2 ship with one pass and can easily sink battle ships if they are in groups.

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