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Tech 2 Air Unit
Fighter/BomberDEA0202 build btnDRA0202 build btnXAA0202 build btnXSA0202 build btn
Torpedo BomberUEA0204 build btnURA0204 build btnUAA0204 build btnXSA0204 build btn
GunshipUEA0203 build btnURA0203 build btnUAA0203 build btnXSA0203 build btn
Air TransportUEA0104 build btnURA0104 build btnUAA0104 build btnXSA0104 build btn
Guided MissileNo-unitNo-unitDAA0206 build btnNo-unit

T2 Air units are the most common air units. At this tech level, all Factions get a Gunship, a Torpedo Bomber, and a T2 Transport. They are more powerful than their T1 counterparts, and while they are not as powerful as T3 air units, they are much cheaper and quicker to build.

The energy drain rates are double that of their T1 counterparts, despite the resource to time ratio being the same, due to the build rate of the factory being doubled at T2. Either a ring of T1 or a T2 power generator is usually required to produce T2 air units effectively. If following the latter route, due to the higher energy upgrade cost of the air factory, a land factory or the ACU is usually upgraded to T2 first.

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