Supreme Commander Wiki

When editing an article in the Supreme Commander Wiki, please follow these guidelines.

This wiki should contain[]

  1. Complete unit and building reference, with stats and strategies
  2. Analysis of game concepts, like adjacency bonuses and damage rates
  3. Analysis of basic strategies (build-and-upgrade versus build best)
  4. Explanation of jargon ('turtle', 'rtsg', 'aoe')
  5. Detailed faction comparisons
  6. Unit marker reference
  7. Map reference and analysis
  8. Mod reference
  9. MOD creation reference

This wiki should not contain[]

  1. Clan pages
  2. Battle stories (except brief ones to illustrate points in articles)
  3. Creative works (fiction, user-created unit ideas, etc)
  4. Lengthy argument or debate about game elements
  5. Information about illegally copying Supreme Commander

These are better found elsewhere, such as forum sites.


This isn't a chat site. Personal stories aren't appropriate. Instead, write your articles with a factual tone. For instance, don't write this:

I was playing the 6th Aeon single player mission for the first time and three XPs showed up and killed me.

Instead, write this:

Three experimental units appear in the 6th Aeon single player mission, and they are likely to defeat an unprepared commander.

For this reason, articles shouldn't be signed. Instead, use the discussion pages for comments, and sign your comments there by adding --~~~~ at the end of your comment.

Don't use acronyms, abbreviations or jargon like PD and mex in articles (except terms that appear in the game, such as ACU). Instead, use the full names and link to the appropriate article. If the article is on a subject that has a common abbreviation or acronym, the article's title should be the full name, and the body of the article should explain the acronym. Then there should be redirects from the abbreviation to the full title. For instance, GC redirects to Aeon T4 Sacred Assault Bot, which explains that it is also known as the Galactic Colossus or GC.

Article naming[]

Articles should match specific game concepts or elements, such as unit names. A good guideline is that article names should lead to natural links in other articles. For example, the sentence "This unit can transport land units." could appear in the description of a transport unit, so an article about transporting units should be titled Transport.

Be careful to capitalize articles correctly. If the article matches something specifically mentioned in the game, use the same capitalization as in the game, such as Support Command Unit. Otherwise, capitalize the first word only, such as Adjacency bonus. Similarly, article names should be singular (Transport, not Transports) and present tense (Transport, not Transporting).

Unit names[]

Units names should be Fully capitalized, as is described in game (Example, Combat Scout).

The page names are formated as Faction TTechlevel UnitClass (Cybran T1 Land Scout). The unit's name, however, usually refered to as a nickname, does not appear in the page title. Also not that T1 is an abreviation that should be avoided. When referering to a unit, please do it as such, as it appears in-game:

  • the Cybran Mole : Tech 1 Land Scout.
    • The first time the unit is metnioned.
  • the Mole : Tech 1 Land Scout.
    • If you are editing a page where you are obviously talking about Cybran units (Cybran weaponry).
  • the Mole.
    • for all subsequent fererences.

Please note that while in this example both Scout and Tech are capitalized, do not capitalize them if they are not part of a sentence.:

  • the Cybran Mole : Tech 1 Land Scout, is a Cybran unit. It is a scout, as well as a tech 1 unit.

Unit type pages[]

Unit type pages should be singular, and only the first letter should a capitalized. Units that can be described without the word "unit" should not use it. for example, use Spy plane or Engineer. However, do use Intelligence unit, as "Intelligence" is a bit ambiguous (and links to another page alltogether). Rule of thumb is to use the same title as unit category pages, but singular.

Unit categories[]

Unit categories should be plural, and only the first letter should a capitalized. Units that can be described without the word "unit" should not use it. for example, use Category:Spy planes or Category:Engineers. However, do use Category:Intelligence units, as "Intelligences" doesn't really mean anything. Rule of thumb is to use the same title as unit type pages, but plural.

Formatting, templates and stubs[]

Wikis have their own formatting commands. See Wikitext reference for a list of all the formatting commands.

Whenever possible, use a template to provide consistent formatting. You can see a list of all the templates in this wiki here. See the discussion page for a template for an example of how to use the template.

If you're not sure how to format a page, go ahead and put in the information, but include the text {{stub}} in the top of the content to mark the page as a stub, and someone else will do the formatting for you.

Page layout[]

These are only indications:

Unit pages[]

These should start with the {{Stub}} template if the unit is not well covered.

After wards, you should use the template {{MultyBox}} to automatically create the table containing the unit's {{NavBox}}(s) and {{unitbox}}.

Once this is done, the body of the page proper can be filled as you best see fit.

Finally, end the unit page with pictures, and at the very bottom add categories as needed. Do not add Faction and Tech categories: These are included inside the unitbox.

Unit type pages[]

These should cover an entire range of units, to help give the user a broader vision. For example, Engineer. Start the page with a {{MultyBox}}: These were also designed to work even without a unitbox, or even if there is only 1 UnitNav.

The body of the page should be filled as you best see fit.

Finish the page with a See Also pointing to the corresponding category, or other unit type pages, were appropriate (For example, Mass extractor should link to Power generator and Mass fabricator, as these are closely linked).

Unit category pages[]

Do not write anything more than something of the type:

The following is a list of all [[gunships]]. For more information see the [[gunship]] article.

Any other information should be put in the said article.

Faction naming and grammar[]

The names of the three factions differ in grammatical nature, so using the names correctly can sometimes be complex.


UEF icon.png

Wherever "UEF" is written, the sentence should make sense if it were replaced with the full name "United Earth Federation." When used as a noun it should be prefaced by "the".

As a noun:

  • "This is the UEF's best unit" - correct
  • "This is UEF's best unit" - wrong (speak it in full and it's obvious!)
  • "UEF are the most conventional faction" - wrong
  • "The UEF is the most conventional faction" - correct

In place of an adjective:

  • "This is a UEF unit." - correct
  • "This unit is UEF." - wrong (This unit is United Earth Federation!)

Cybran Nation[]

Cybran icon.png

"Cybran" in "Cybran Nation" is an adjective - thus one cannot abbreviate "Cybran Nation" to "Cybran" when using it as a noun. As above, remember to use "the" when referring to "the Cybran Nation."

  • "The Monkeylord is Cybran's most powerful land unit" - wrong. This is like saying "This is French's most powerful unit."

However, the adjective "Cybran" also applies to the individuals who make up the nation - therefore it is valid to contract "Cybran Nation" to "Cybrans." But because "Cybrans" is a plural, if used in the possessive, the apostrophe should go after the 's'.

As a Noun:

  • "The Cybrans attacked" - correct
  • "Some Cybrans attacked" - grammatically correct, but strictly they are "Cybran units."

As an Adjective:

  • "This is a Cybran unit" - correct
  • "This unit is Cybran" - correct


  • "This is the Cybran's best unit" - wrong, this means it belongs to "the (single) Cybran".
  • "This is the Cybrans' best unit" - correct, this means it belongs to the Cybrans.

Aeon Illuminate[]

Aeon icon.png

The full name of the Aeon faction is "The Aeon Illuminate"

"Aeon" is descriptive, so:

  • "The Galactic Colossus is Aeon's most powerful unit" is wrong

Unlike "Cybran", "Aeon" describes the Illuminate, not the individual members. Therefore:

  • "The Aeons attacked" - wrong,
  • "The Aeon attacked" - correct,
  • "The Illuminate attacked" - correct! But nobody really uses this.

Aeon possessives are simple.

  • "The Aeon's best unit" - correct
  • "The Illuminate's best unit" - correct
  • "The Aeons' best unit" - wrong, do not refer to the Aeon as "Aeons".


Unlike the other factions, very little background is provided to the Seraphim. The only known detail is they are a race known as Seraphim. Their faction name is unknown, but usually refered to as the singular "the Seraphim". The ingame cutsceens refer to them as singular (Dostya: "The Seraphim is hitting me from all sides"), although in such cases, it could be a reference to their army ("The Seraphim [army] is hitting me from all sides").

For all intents and purposes, they should just be refered to as "the Seraphim". Because the plural and singular forms of "seraphim" are the same, using "seraphim" is usually safe.

  • "The Ythotha is the Seraphim's most powerful unit"
  • "The Seraphim is attacking Earth" - Singular Seraphim: the faction
  • "The Seraphim are attacking" - Plural Seraphim: the individuals

Recap table[]

Below is a table of correct forms - note that the statements in the examples are not neccessarily true, just short and grammatically correct!

UEF Cybran Nation Aeon Illuminate Seraphim Example usage
Full name The United Earth Federation The Cybran Nation The Aeon Illuminate The Seraphim (?) "The Cybran Nation was formed by..."
Contracted name The UEF (abbreviation) The Cybrans (plural) The Aeon (collective) The Seraphim (undefined) "The UEF are at war with the Cybrans and the Aeon."
Contracted possessive UEF's Cybrans' Aeon's Seraphim's "The UEF's units are tougher than the Cybrans' units"
Adjective UEF Cybran Aeon Seraphim "A Cybran Hunter vs. an Aeon Flare"