This is the central place for coordinating the maintenance of the Supreme Commander Wiki.

Contributing[edit source]

If you would like to contribute to this wiki, you can:

  • Find one of the 81 stubs and complete it. If you judge it complete, feel free to remove its stub tag.
  • Complete the category tree.
    There are still lots of units which have not been properly tagged, and lots of un-created categories.
  • Create the corresponding Unit type/function pages.
    These pages should be used to describe an entire range of units. For example:Engineer or Mass extractor.
  • Create pages to help understand the unit boxes, or any other terms. For example, DoT and Veteran status
  • Find a wanted page (non-existant pages that have links to them) and create it.
  • Review recent changes for accuracy.

Current projects[edit source]

Current projects are larger than what any single contributor can perform.

These are the current community projects:

  1. Adding unit analysis to the stubbed unit pages
  2. Rewriting the Strategy page, as well as most strategies
  3. Adding descriptions an analysis of specific Maps
  4. Finish the
  5. Planet pages
  6. Charater pages.

Proposing new projects[edit source]

If you would like to start a new project on this wiki, such as a widespread reformatting of content or the addition of a major new section, post it on the community portal talk page. After the community has discussed the project it will be added to this page as an official project.

Help[edit source]

If you need help editing, you can start with the tutorial on the Community Central.

There are also more help pages in the help category.

If you have a question about the appropriate writing style for this wiki, see the Style Guide.

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