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Attack SubmarineUES0203 build btnURS0203 build btnUAS0203 build btnXSS0203 build btn
Submarine HunterXES0102 build btnXRS0204 build btnXAS0204 build btnXSS0304 build btn
DestroyerNo-unitNo-unitNo-unitXSS0201 build btn
Strategic Missile SubmarineUES0304 build btnURS0304 build btnUAS0304 build btnNo-unit
Experimental SubmarineUES0401 build btnNo-unitUAS0401 build btnNo-unit

Submarine units are units that can travel either below the surface or on the surface of the water. Specifically, they have the dive command which toggles whether they are submerged. All submarine units except the Silencer and Ace have torpedo launchers. Most of them also have weapons or abilities that work only when they have surfaced.

For a list of all submarine units, see the submarine units category.

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