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Strategy, my boy. Strategy must be employed.
—Dr. Gustaf Brackman

These pages are not cookbooks. Please do not express yourself in terms of "Steps", and do not tell the user to "Build 5 ML". Let the user understand the strategy, so that he or she may best apply it. See the talk page for more info.

This section will cover basic strategies and tactics. Strategies should be added to the Strategies category for ease of browsing.

General strategies[edit | edit source]

Air warfare[edit | edit source]

Land warfare[edit | edit source]

Naval warfare[edit | edit source]

Faction-specific strategies[edit | edit source]

Kill strategies[edit | edit source]

Kill strategies are specific techniques to kill the enemy ACU, other than the obvious strategy of attacking with overwhelming land forces. Using such a strategy to try and kill someone is called sniping

Bad, old or sandbox strategies[edit | edit source]

External sources[edit | edit source]

  • An unofficial Forged Alliance guide
  • GameReplays has closed their SupCom portal, but you can look at older versions (2009 or earlier) of www.gamereplays.org via the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine.
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