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Strategic missiles[edit | edit source]

Strategic bombers[edit | edit source]

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Nuclear missiles are a fusion of hideously powerful explosives, and cruise missiles. The nukes used in Supreme Commander are "clean", as radiation is a useless tactic against machines.

Nuclear weapons[edit | edit source]

Nuclear weapons work by crushing a hollow sphere of highly enriched Plutonium or Uranium into a ball of Beryllium. This causes the heavy element's atoms to split, releasing devastating ammounts of energy.

Cruise missiles[edit | edit source]

Cruise missiles have two distinct styles, Strategic, which achieve infinite range by travelling over the stratosphere, and have a proportionately devastating blast radius, or Tactical, which have a comparatively short range, and a smaller blast radius. The marriage of these long range-and large-missiles to Nuclear bombs is a match made in hell, allowing a strike of devastating consequence to be made from far off with little chance of retaliation.

Silos and superheavy artillery[edit | edit source]

A silo is a storage and production facility for strategic nuclear missiles. The missiles must be purchased from the silo itself. Superheavy artillery is an artillery emplacement firing an anti-matter artillery shell at long range like the Mavor, Demolisher, and the Duke.

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