Most of the Seraphim weapons are of an unconventional source. Their names prevent analysis of their origin, yet still hint at very complex mechanisms, like the Oh Spectra Cannon, the Ultrachromatic Beam Generator, the Chronotron Cannon, the Inaino Strategic Missile , or the Unstable Phason Laser.

Compared to other factions, the Seraphim have a much richer diversity in weapons. For example, they have 4 different anti-air technologies, and 3 different torpedoes.

Please make sure you understand the terms T1, T2, T3, T4, Rate of fire (ROF), Damage per second (DPS), Damage radius, and Damage before reading this article.

Direct Fire[edit | edit source]

Chronotron Cannon[edit | edit source]

The Chronotron Cannon cannon is equipped on all Seraphim Command Units. It comes in a either standard Chronotron Cannon on the Armored Command Unit, or Light Chronotron Cannon on the Support Armored Command Unit, although both are strictly identical. Both of these weapons can overcharge for devastating damage. What sets the two weapons apart are their potential upgrades bestowed upon them by their wielders.

Trivia: The bolt produced by this weapon appears as two spiraling tendrils of energy, which seem to coalesce into a single projectile right before they hit their target. The sound effect is also regarded by some as one of the most satisfying among Seraphim weaponry, or weapons in general.

Phasic Autogun[edit | edit source]

These light energetic bolters are equipped on the Seraphim's own unique Combat Scouts. Whilst not doing much overall damage, they can be quite deadly in groups. It should also be noted that these weapons have a slightly greater range than that of all LAB's (Light Assault Bots). Used by the T1 Combat Scout: Selen

Heavy Phasic Autogun[edit | edit source]

A more powerful form of the Phasic Autogun, it is equipped once on the Vishala, and 4 times on the Vulthoo.

T2 Gunship: Vulthoo, T2 Air Transport: Vishala

Shie-eih Auto-Cannon[edit | edit source]

T1 Frigate: Hau-esel

Oh Spectra Cannon[edit | edit source]

This cannon fires dense packets of blue-colored energy at enemy forces, inflicting moderate damage at a decent rate of fire. T1 Medium Tank: Thaam, T1 Attack Submarine: Sou-istle

Twin-barreled Oh Spectra Cannon[edit | edit source]

T1 Point Defense: Uttaus

Aire-au Bolter[edit | edit source]

The Aire-au Bolter is a direct-fire weapon that fires dark bolts of energy with a slightly yellowish tinge, rapidly inflicting moderate damage. T2 Assault Bot: Ilshavoh, T3 Siege Tank: Othuum

Tau Cannon[edit | edit source]

The Tau Cannon is a gun mounted on the Yenzyne that has a medium ROF, but does 200 damage per shot. T2 Hover Tank: Yenzyne

Thau Cannon[edit | edit source]

T3 Siege Tank: Othuum

Heavy Quarnon Cannon[edit | edit source]

T3 Battleship: Hauthuum

Sih Energy Rifle[edit | edit source]

T3 Sniper Bot: Usha-Ah

Ultrachromatic Beam Generator[edit | edit source]

This weapon is unique in that it is a direct-fire beam as opposed to a projectile; it shares many similarities with the weapons of the Cybran Rhino and Cerberus, as it literally cannot miss. However, it can be blocked by terrain; and it often will, so ensure there are no hills or anything of the sort in the way when deploying these weapons.

Another unique aspect of this weapon is that it inflicts damage-over-time; meaning, rather than inflicting its damage all at once, the beam will stay locked onto the target for several seconds to inflict full damage. If the targeted unit dies before the beam finishes, it can lock onto and fire at another target. T2 Destroyer: Uashavoh, T2 Point Defense: Uttaushala

Experimental Phason Beam Generator[edit | edit source]

Experimental Assault Bot: Ythotha

Gatling Plasma Cannon[edit | edit source]

This weapon is very fast firing and very dangerous against multiple units, but is not as effective against other experimentals. Experimental Assault Bot: Ythotha

Heavy Sinn Unthe Cannon[edit | edit source]

Experimental Assault Bot: Ythotha

Unstable Phason Laser[edit | edit source]

An absolutely devastating weapon, it fires lightning-like energy at everything in sight until the Othuy fades away. Unidentified Residual Energy Signature: Othuy

Bombs[edit | edit source]

Othe Tactical Bomb[edit | edit source]

T1 Attack Bomber: Sinnve, T2 Fighter/Bomber: Notha, , Experimental Bomber: Ahwassa

The Ahwassa's Othe Tactical Bomb detonating...

Zhanasee Strategic Bomb[edit | edit source]

T3 Strategic Bomber: Sinntha

Indirect Fire[edit | edit source]

Thuntho Artillery Cannon[edit | edit source]

Seraphim light artillery fire is very similar to that of the UEF Lobo; a single large projectile which splits into many smaller ones just prior to impact, thus spreading its damage across a wider area of effect. T1 Mobile Light Artillery: Zthuee

Zthuthaam Artillery Cannon[edit | edit source]

It fires black balls of energy, with an extreme blue glow. T2 Artillery Installation: Zthuthaam

Suthanus Heavy Artillery Cannon[edit | edit source]

T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery: Suthanus, T3 Heavy Artillery Installation: Hovatham

Laanse Tactical Missile Launcher[edit | edit source]

Whilst roughly equivalent in terms of damage and cost as compared to other factions' TML's, the Seraphim have an advantage that is shared only with the UEF; they can mount tactical missile launchers onto their ACU's and SaCU's. These specific launchers are different from their common static launcher counterparts, in that they possess a noticeably wider area of effect at the impact point, making it even more lethal against packs of structures and mobile units.

It should also be noted that when mounted on the back of a Command unit, tactical missile launchers can fire from underwater. This can be an incredible advantage in a protracted naval war, so use it well.

T2 Mobile Missile Launcher: Ythisah, T2 Cruiser: Ithalua, T3 Aircraft Carrier: Iavish, T2 Tactical Missile Launcher: Ythis, Support Armored Command Unit

Inaino Strategic Missile Launcher[edit | edit source]

T3 Battleship: Hauthuum, T3 Strategic Missile Launcher: Hastue

Experimental Strategic Missile Launcher[edit | edit source]

A nuclear missile so large and powerful it can only be shot down with two anti-nukes. It can easily destroy an entire base in one shot with its enormous damage radius. Experimental Missile Launcher: Yolona Oss

Anti-Air[edit | edit source]

Shleo AA Autogun[edit | edit source]

This weapon fires pulses of energy into the air with a distinctive bang sound; effective at bringing down equivalent-tier enemy air units in short order.

T1 Mobile Anti-Air Gun: Ia-istle, T1 Interceptor: Ia-atha, T2 Fighter/Bomber: Notha, T2 Air Transport: Vishala, T1 Frigate: Hau-esel, T1 Anti-Air Defense: Ialla

Cleo AA Gatling Gun[edit | edit source]

T2 Cruiser: Ithalua

Olaris AA Artillery Cannon[edit | edit source]

T2 Mobile Anti-Air Cannon: Iashavoh, T2 Cruiser: Ithalua, T3 Battleship: Hauthuum, T2 Anti-Air Flak Artillery: Sinnatha, Experimental Assault Bot: Ythotha

Losaare AA Autocannon[edit | edit source]

T3 Air-Superiority Fighter: Iazyne, T3 Submarine Hunter: Yathsou, T3 Aircraft Carrier: Iavish, T3 Anti-Air Defense: Iathu-ioz, Experimental Bomber: Ahwassa

Naval Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Uall Cavitation Torpedo[edit | edit source]

T1 Attack Submarine: Sou-istle, T3 Submarine Hunter: Yathsou

Trivia: 'cavitation' means the torpedo travels in a bubble of air, greatly increasing its potential underwater speed, either through a combination of nosecone shape and sheer propulsion power, or by other technical means.

Uall Cavitation Torpedo Launcher[edit | edit source]

T3 Siege Tank: Othuum, T1 Torpedo Launcher: Sou-atha

Heavy Cavitation Torpedo Cluster[edit | edit source]

T2 Torpedo Launcher: Uosthu

Heavy Cavitation Cluster Torpedo Launcher[edit | edit source]

T2 Torpedo Bomber: Uosioz

Ana-it Torpedo Launcher[edit | edit source]

T2 Destroyer: Uashavoh

Ajellu Anti-Torpedo Defense[edit | edit source]

T1 Attack Submarine: Sou-istle, T2 Destroyer: Uashavoh, T3 Submarine Hunter: Yathsou

Countermeasures[edit | edit source]

Ele-athrun Tactical Missile Defense[edit | edit source]

T2 Cruiser: Ithalua, T3 Battleship: Hauthuum, T2 Tactical Missile Defense: Ythisatha

Hu Strategic Missile Defense[edit | edit source]

T3 Strategic Missile Defense: Ythisioz

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