Seraphim icon experimental generic Seraphim Unidentified Residual Energy Signature: Othuy[e]
XSL0402 build btn
Build Costs Energy icon -1
Mass icon -1
Time icon 10
Max Health Health icon 100
Speed 3 (Hover)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 18
Direct Fire Experimental - Beam
DPS 3000
Beam  Damage
Damage radius
Rate of Fire
3 Beams/s
Range (min - max) 5 - 20

The Seraphim Unidentified Residual Energy Signature, nicknamed the Othuy, is a Seraphim unit.

The Othuy is created when the Ythotha is destroyed. It is indestructible, and its Unstable Phason Laser fires quite rapidly for a high amount of damage. It drifts slowly, but does not move in one particular direction. When the Ythotha is destroyed in the water it causes the Othuy to lose its ability to attack units. The Othuy lasts 30 seconds before disappearing.

A similar 'function' to this was planned for the Galactic Colossus but never saw the light of day; when the GC was destroyed, it was said/shown to make a 'ghost' GC which would continue to fight for some time after the original's demise. Presumably this was removed, as the GC's fighting capability was already too great, only to return as what we now know as the Othuy. Earlier versions still show the 'ghost' ability in the unit info. Another important note is that if a unit were to start reclaiming the Ythotha right before it was destroyed, the Ythotha would fail to release the Othuy. The wreckage of the Ythotha would just be of it standing in the position it was killed in.

A change on FAF is that the Othuy does not have the deadliness and unpredictability of its normal FA counterpart, making it nigh-useless against shields and not so effective against structures(the Othuy has lost none of its destructive power against armies)


"Phason" is a quasiparticle found quasicrystals, which cause the crystal to change phase (see Phason). Not to be confused with Phazon, a fictional material from the Metroid: Prime games.

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