Seraphim icon land3 shield Seraphim T3 Mobile Shield Generator: Athanah[e]
XSL0307 build btn
High-end mobile shield generator.
Build Costs Energy icon -4800
Mass icon -640
Time icon 3200
Energy icon -300
Max Health
Shield Health
Shield Rebuild
Shield Radius
Health icon 400
Shield icon10000 (+133/sec)
Time icon45 (+222/sec)
Speed 4 (Hover)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20

The Seraphim T3 Mobile Shield Generator, nicknamed the Athanah, is a Seraphim unit. This is a utility unit. This unit is similar to the Aeon T2 Mobile Shield Generator, except that it is tougher and its shield is twice as strong. Since this unit can hover, a Seraphim commander could use these units to protect his naval assets, much like the UEF T2 Shield Boat, but one would have to build a large numbers of the Athanah to fully cover one's fleet, as its shield generator has about 1/6th the radius (20) of the Bulwark shield generator (120){however it does have 2000 more shield health, and since you are using multiple units, artillery and tactical missiles will only penetrate one shield at a time}. When done correctly however, this will lengthen the life of any naval vessel, and can be used well in combination with things such as destroyers. This unit can, thanks to its powerful shield, take up to 4 mercies and survive with its shield not quite depleted.

See below for a comparative table of mobile shield units:

Unit name Aeon Asylum Seraphim Athanah UEF Parashield UEF Bulwark

Unit Health

100 400 150 750
Shield Health 5000 10000 4000 8000

Rebuild rate

192 222 167 250
Radius 16 20 16 120
Mass Cost 144 640 120 1040
Energy Cost 1080 4800 900 10400
Build Time 720 3200 600 4800
Energy Usage rate -125 -300 -100 -150
Speed 4 (Hover) 4 (Hover) 4 (Land) 7 (Water)

Trivia Edit

  • When turned on, Athanah generates a white glowing ring.
Seraphim athanah off

Idle Athanah

Seraphim athanah on

Athanah turned On

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