Seraphim icon land3 artillery Seraphim T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery: Suthanus[e]
XSL0304 build btn
Mobile heavy artillery. Ordinance inflicts moderate damage upon impact.
Build Costs Energy icon -8000
Mass icon -800
Time icon 4800
Max Health Health icon 925
Speed 2.5 (Land)
Veterancy Seraphim veteran icon Kills icon 9 ( Health icon +3/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 26
Artillery - Projectile
DPS 70
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Reload time 10 seconds
Range 90
The Seraphim T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery, nicknamed the Suthanus, is a Seraphim unit. It is an indirect fire unit.

The Suthanus has the best combined damage radius/DPS of the four factions' mobile heavy artillery, but it has almost as great an inaccuracy as the Cybran Trebuchet, making it best suited for taking on groups of units or for attacking bases where precision is unimportant.

Seraphim suthanus

Idle Suthanus

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