Seraphim icon structure3 shield Seraphim T3 Heavy Shield Generator: Athanuhthe[e]
XSB4301 build btn
Generates a heavy shield around units and structures within its radius.
Build Costs Energy icon -60000
Mass icon -3600
Time icon 4500
Energy icon -500
Max Health
Shield Health
Shield Rebuild
Shield Radius
Health icon 600
Shield icon21000 (+168/sec)
Time icon25 (+840/sec)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20

The Seraphim T3 Heavy Shield Generator, nicknamed the Athanuhthe, is a Seraphim unit. It is a defense unit. The Athanuhthe is by far the most powerful of all the 4 factions shield generators. It has the most HP and its shield is able to take 3000 more damage than the Aeon, 6000 more damage than the UEF, and 7000 more damage than the Cybran ED5 shields. Due to these capabilities, its costs are equally amazing, for it takes a single T3 engineer 5 minutes to construct.

T3 shield


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