Seraphim icon ship3 air Seraphim T3 Aircraft Carrier: Iavish[e]
XSS0303 build btn
Can store, transport and repair aircraft. Armed with two pairs of AA auto-cannons.
Build Costs Energy icon -44000
Mass icon -4400
Time icon 17600
Build Rate
Time icon150/s
Max Health Health icon 24000
Speed 3 (Water)
Veterancy Seraphim veteran icon Kills icon 32 ( Health icon +5/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 85
Water Vision: 36
Radar: 200
Sonar: 40
Missile - Tactical Missile
DPS 250
Missile  Damage
Damage radius
Reload time 2 seconds
Range 150
Anti Air - Projectile
DPS 100
Projectile  Damage
Salvo Size
Rate of Fire
2 Projectiles
2 salvos/s
Range 75

The Seraphim T3 Aircraft Carrier, nicknamed the Iavish, is a Seraphim unit. It is a ship. The Iavish acts as a carrier and a factory. It is equipped with AA guns, radar, sonar, and a Tactical Missile Launcher.

Though able to construct T1-T3 aircraft, it is unable to construct T1 attack bombers or T3 strategic bombers. Combined with the Seraphim lack of a T3 Gunship, this limits its potential offensive power. However, it has a 2.5x higher build rate, is cheaper than a T3 air factory and can refuel and store aircraft.

This carrier is capable of providing its own support against smaller squadrons through the use of a rapid-fire tactical missile launcher, giving it precious time to launch its aircraft. The Iavish is also an excellent shore bombardment tool and can be used to overwhelm tactical missile defenses and shields.  It is the Seraphim's only option for a T3 tactical missile launcher. (The T2 cruiser Ithalua has tactical missiles too.)


The Iavish.

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