Seraphim icon land2 antiair Seraphim T2 Mobile Anti-Air Cannon: Iashavoh[e]
XSL0205 build btn
Mobile AA unit that uses flak artillery.
Build Costs Energy icon -800
Mass icon -160
Time icon 800
Max Health Health icon 1000
Speed 3.6 (Hover)
Veterancy Seraphim veteran icon Kills icon 4 ( Health icon +2/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Anti Air - Projectile
DPS 144
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Rate of Fire
2 Projectiles/s
Range 40
The Seraphim T2 Mobile Anti-Air Cannon, nicknamed the Iashavoh, is a Seraphim unit. It is an anti-air unit.

With the fact that this unit can hover, this AA unit makes up for the ineffectiveness players seem to find in the Seraphim stationary anti-air turrets. You may find this unit to be better for anti-air defense than T2 Stationary Anti-air Flak and T3 AA.The only differences between this unit and the Aeon Ascendant is appearance, sound effects, and it's uses.

Compared to the ascendantEdit

Later on, this unit could be the best mobile AA in that it and T3 mobile shields are amazing against gunships, as the flak can get in more shots than that of the aeon's as the shield generator is better. However, for the same reasons, the seraphim T2 mobile AA could be inferior to that of the aeon early on since the seraphim don't have T2 mobile shields and must upgrade to T3 for a more costly and longer to build mobile shield. This makes it important to rush to T3 on naval maps where air superiority matters. However, on mostly water maps, you can stop sending Iashovahs and switch to seraphim cruisers, whose TML's and superior AA will make this unit inferior. Remember to not completely remove them on maps like Seton's Clutch where there is a lot of land and water, as your cruisers cannot go on land.

Basically, it is best to utilize this unit with some T3 mobile shields. While not strictly any different in stats or capabilities than the ascendant, this unit is less necessary as most Seraphim ships have their own AA or can be deployed with the Seraphim Cruiser .

Seraphim lashavoh

Idle Iashavoh

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