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Tech 2 Naval Units
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Seraphim T2 Destroyer: Uashavoh Seraphim T2 Destroyer:  Uashavoh
Seraphim T2 Destroyer: Uashavoh
Dedicated sub-killer. Equipped with a torpedo launcher, anti-vessel beam weapons and torpedo defense.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon.png -15000
Mass icon.png -2250
Time icon.png 10000
Max healthHealth icon.png 6900
Speed5 (SurfacingSub)
Veterancy Seraphim veteran icon.png Kills icon.png 16 ( Health icon.png +5/s)
Intel (radius) Vision: 32
Water vision: 45
Radar: 35
Sonar: 37
Direct Fire Naval - Beam
Damage per second 117.5
Beam damage 470  (0.9s DoT)
Damage radius 1
Reload time 4 seconds
Range 60
Direct Fire Naval - Beam
Damage per second 105
Beam damage 420  (0.9s DoT)
Damage radius 1
Reload time 4 seconds
Range 60
Anti Navy - Torpedo
Damage per second 107
Torpedo damage 80
Salvo size 2 Torpedos (in 0.7 s)
Reload time 1.5 seconds
Range 45
Defense - Anti Torpedo
Damage per second 1
Anti Torpedo damage 2
Reload time 3.8 seconds
Range (min–max) 15 – 45

The Seraphim T2 Destroyer, nicknamed the Uashavoh, is a Seraphim unit. It is a destroyer, as well as a direct fire unit, torpedo unit and anti-torpedo unit.

The Uashavoh's main weapon is an Ultrachromatic Beam Generator, for surface combat, which has a low DPS, but a high damage per shot. The Uashavoh is also equipped with a Ana-it Torpedo Launcher to engage submerged units, and a Ajellu Anti-Torpedo Defense system to reduce vulnerability to enemy torpedoes.

The Uashavoh is unique in that it is submersible. This allows it to escape radar detection, and reduce vulnerability to air and ground units. Used correctly, this could create a devastating advantage. It should be noted, however, that this unit lacks air defense, and should be escorted by interceptors, or its Cruiser counterpart, the Ithalua. Another good partner with the Uashavoh is the Yathsou, the Seraphim's T3 Attack Sub (see below for more details).

As a Submarine Hunter[edit | edit source]

The Seraphim lack a T2 Submarine Hunter simply because the Uashavoh works perfectly as one, as stated in the unit description. A single Uashavoh can do the same things that two T2 submarine hunters can do--while most destroyers can do just that, they are in danger from other destroyers or other ships, whereas the Uashavoh can stay safely underwater. Thereby, the Uashavoh can prove to be a naval-superiority unit if used properly.

With that being said, you should keep your Uashavohs underwater most of the time--in other words, you should treat them as submarine hunters. Not only can this give you a surprise attack advantage, it keeps you safe from surface weapons and most enemy aircraft. Choosing when to surface Uashavohs against a fleet is a decision that only you can decide. But, for sure, you should surface:

  • When facing units on land or units that hover (This is somewhat obvious)
  • When facing torpedo launchers
  • When facing Cybran Destroyers. Cybran Destroyers have very efficient anti-torpedo and torpedo systems, so a fight between a submerged Uashavoh and a Cybran Destroyer will end in a draw. But a Cybran Destroyer has low HP. So if the Uashavoh surfaces when it's beam weapons are in range, and when it is out of range of the Cybran Destroyer's torpedos, the Uashavoh will win the fight.
  • When facing torpedo boats. This is because a UEF T2 Torpedo Boat has an anti-torpedo that fires rapidly enough to win a one-on-one against a submerged Uashavoh
  • When facing Aeon Destroyers. The added depth charge on the Aeon Destroyer has proven to be a deadly weapon against a submerged Uashavoh, giving it no chance of victory at all. Your Uashavohs should attack Aeon Destroyers at maximum range to avoid depth charges. Luckily, the Aeon Destroyer's surface weapon is not 100% accurate as opposed to a Uashavoh's beam weapons.

Note: Rarely should the Uashavoh surface when facing UEF Destroyers. A UEF Destroyer's weak torpedo and anti-torpedo defenses means the Uashavoh will have much better survivability attacking underwater, unless there are too many torpedo boats nearby.

When you reach Tech 3, it is a good idea to quit using a Uashavoh as the dedicated submarine hunter. The Yathsou is better suited for the job, being cheap, quick to build (only 2000 more build time than the destroyer), and having a far greater torpedo range and DPS. But because the Uashavoh can submerge, it still finds usefulness in T3. After all, the Yathsou lacks a surface weapon, and does not have a very effective torpedo-defense system. Hence, at tech 3, you should use Yathsous as sub-hunters, anti-air, and naval superiority, and you should use Uashavohs as surface attack units, torpedo-defense support, and additional torpedo support.

Idle Uashavoh

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