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Tech 1 Land Units
Land ScoutUEL0101 build btnURL0101 build btnUAL0101 build btnXSL0101 build btn
Light Assault BotUEL0106 build btnURL0106 build btnUAL0106 build btnXSL0101 build btn
Light/Medium Tank UEL0201 build btnURL0107 build btnUAL0201 build btnXSL0201 build btn
Mobile Anti-Air GunUEL0104 build btnURL0104 build btnUAL0104 build btnXSL0104 build btn
Mobile Light ArtilleryUEL0103 build btnURL0103 build btnUAL0103 build btnXSL0103 build btn
EngineerUEL0105 build btnURL0105 build btnUAL0105 build btnXSL0105 build btn
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Mobile Intelligence Units
Tech 1 Land ScoutUEL0101 build btnURL0101 build btnUAL0101 build btnXSL0101 build btn
Tech 1 Air ScoutUEA0101 build btnURA0101 build btnUAA0101 build btnXSA0101 build btn
Tech 3 Spy PlaneUEA0302 build btnURA0302 build btnUAA0302 build btnXSA0302 build btn
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Tech 1 Scout BotNo-unitURL0101 build btnNo-unitXSL0101 build btn
Tech 1 Light Assault BotUEL0106 build btnURL0106 build btnUAL0106 build btnNo-unit
Tech 1 Assault BotNo-unitURL0107 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 2 BotDEL0204 build btnDRL0204 build btnNo-unitXSL0202 build btn
Tech 2 Mobile BombNo-unitXRL0302 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 3 Heavy / Siege Assault BotUEL0303 build btnURL0303 build btnUAL0303 build btnNo-unit
Tech 3 Armored Assault BotXEL0305 build btnXRL0305 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 3 Sniper BotNo-unitNo-unitXAL0305 build btnXSL0305 build btn
ExperimentalNo-unitURL0402 build btnUAL0401 build btnXSL0401 build btn
ExperimentalNo-unitXRL0403 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
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Stealth units
Tech 1 Land ScoutNo-unitNo-unitNo-unitXSL0101 build btn
Tech 2 Mobile Stealth Field SystemNo-unitURL0306 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 2 Submarine KillerNo-unitXRS0204 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 2 Counter-Intelligence BoatNo-unitXRS0205 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 2 Stealth Field GeneratorUEB4203 build btnURB4203 build btnUAB4203 build btnXSB4203 build btn
Tech 3 Spy PlaneNo-unitURA0302 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 3 Air Superiority FighterNo-unitURA0303 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 3 Strategic BomberNo-unitURA0304 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 3 Sonar PlatformNo-unitURS0305 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
ExperimentalNo-unitURL0402 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Seraphim icon bot1 intel Seraphim T1 Combat Scout:  Selen
XSL0101 build btn
Light, fast mobile reconnaissance unit. When stationary, deploys cloaking and stealth fields.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon -80
Mass icon -20
Time icon 80
Max healthHealth icon 35
Speed4 (Land)
Veterancy Seraphim veteran icon Kills icon 2 ( Health icon +1/s)
Intel (radius)Stealth: Self
Vision: 24
Radar: 35
Direct Fire - Projectile
Damage per second 12
Projectile damage 4
Rate of fire 3 Projectiles/s
Range 16

The Seraphim T1 Combat Scout, nicknamed the Selen, is a Seraphim unit. It is a utility unit. The Selen has both stealth and cloaking capabilities when it stands completely still, rendering it immune to detection except from Omni sensor arrays. It can be used to set traps if used properly and if the enemy is the same tech as its opponent. The stealth and cloaking require no energy whatsoever, but just remember that these abilities disappear the moment the selen moves or attacks, until it stands completely still again.

It is important to remember that, despite its effective weapons, the Selen is a scout, not a light assault bot. At least three selens are required to take out any light assault bot, at about 1.5x the cost--selens are not effective for preventing rush attacks. They are best reserved for sneak/surprise attacks and traps, which they excel at. See Using the Seraphim for Rush Attacks for more information.

Sneaky Tip:Edit

If set to "Hold Fire" and parked directly on top of a mass extraction point, a Selen will block an enemy engineer from building a Mass extractor there. This makes it even more important to send selens with the rest of your attack force...any opportunity you can take to block off a strategic build point, such as a mass deposit, divert your selens to block off that point before an engineer can build an extractor there. Note: If the enemy engineer performs an "attack move" across the mass extraction point, it will reclaim the invisible Selen and then will be able to build a Mass extractor if queued to do so.

Uses as a combat scoutEdit

In games of LAB Wars, the Selen is both a hindrance and a blessing. With it's stealth and cloak, you could set up a hidden army outside of your enemy's ACU's omni range and destroy any expansions bases they attempt to make. However, the only way you will be able to defeat an opposing army is to outnumber it and hope there is no enemy ACU among them, unless you bring your own ACU along. Also, they cannot be loaded onto a transport to make a ghetto gunship.

In normal games, build selens to cut off mass extractors or prevent the construction of expansions. Use them like an undetectable scout until they are close to an ACU or omni, and always move them further along while your opponent is too busy to notice so you can gain more intelligence.


The Selen.

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