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The Seraphim Language is the languge spoken by all Seraphim characters in the Forged Alliance campaign, and which is used to name Seraphim units. It is a suprisingly well developed linguistic system in the game, and many comprehensible words and word fragments can be seen in the units' names.

It seems likely that all the Seraphim speak a single language, much as all humans in the game speak a common language.

Seraphim language in the campaign[edit | edit source]

In the campaign, Dr. Gustaf Brackman creates a translator for the Seraphim language, using data retrieved from a Seraphim ACU captured at the end of the second mission of the campaign. This becomes available in the fourth mission, allowing you to hear the translation overlaid while the Seraphim character is speaking from then on.

In the sixth mission, when the Seraphim commander Seth-Iavow speaks, he is understood by both the player and by Evaluator Kael, suggesting that she too has a translator device.

Pronunciation[edit | edit source]

When expressed using the standard alphabet (it would be assumed that the Seraphim have their own alphabet of letters or sounds), the language has an unusual proliferation of the letters u and s, and the sounds of th and sh, as well as having a greater vowel:consonant ratio than English does, pronounced with hissing noises known technically as sibilance. Certain letters, many of which are common in English, are entirely absent from the language, which are b, c, d, f, g, j, k, p, q, r, and x. Dipthongs such as ou, ia, uu, aa, ua, and au also seem much more common than in English.

This presumably relates to the different makeup of the Seraphim vocal chords compared to humans, and suggests they find plosive sounds and affricative sounds difficult or impossible to pronounce.

Seraphim words[edit | edit source]

Certain word fragments are common to several Seraphim words. Putting the meanings of such particles together allows a person to understand the the names for each unit.

Basic terms[edit | edit source]

Unit domains[edit | edit source]

heth land
ia air
uos (also uas) naval
sou submarine
yen amphibious

Resources[edit | edit source]

hyal mass
uyal energy

Basic unit functions[edit | edit source]

iya maker, creator (factory, engineer)
atoh extractor, miner
hau ship, boat
esel radar, intelligence unit
shou sonar
sel(e)(n) scout
zthu artillery
thu structure
ythis missile launcher
sinn bomber
thaam cannon
vish holder (i.e. transport, carrier or storage)

Additional unit functions[edit | edit source]

atha shield, protector
ioz countermeasure (protector against)
yath killer (killer of...)
shavoh destroyer (good unit against...)
uhthe support
aez command
utta stationary
la turret
ah mobile
us gun, weapon
ha ranged, long range
ve light
tha heavy
istle basic
thuum Greatest, greater, best
ee little, mini
zyne fighter
il equivalent, similar
o (land) unit

Unit names[edit | edit source]

Names and translations of all Seraphim units
Type Name Translation

Land units[edit | edit source]

T1 combat scout selen scout
T1 medium tank thaam (unit with a) cannon
T1 mobile light artillery zthuee little artillery
T1 mobile anti-air gun ia-istle basic air
T2 hover tank yenzyne amphibious fighter
T2 mobile missile launcher ythisah mobile missile launcher
T2 mobile AA cannon iashavoh air destroyer
T2 assault bot ilshavoh equivalent unit destroyer
T3 mobile heavy artillery suthanus ?
T3 sniper bot usha-ah mobile long-range weapon
T3 siege tank othuum greatest land unit
T3 mobile shield generator athanah mobile protector

Air units[edit | edit source]

T1 air scout sele-istle basic scout
T1 attack bomber sinnve light bomber
T1 light air transport vish holder
T2 gunship vulthoo ?
T2 torpedo bomber uosioz naval countermeasure
T2 air transport vishala holder with turrets
T2 fighter/bomber notha ? + heavy
T3 spy plane iaselen air scout
T3 air superiority fighter iazyne air fighter
T3 strategic bomber sinntha heavy bomber

Naval units[edit | edit source]

T1 frigate hau-esel radar ship
T1 attack submarine sou-istle basic submarine
T2 cruiser ithalua ? + heavy
T2 destroyer uashavoh naval (unit) destroyer
T3 battleship hauthuum great ship
T3 aircraft carrier iavish air holder
T3 submarine hunter yathsou submarine killer

Engineer units[edit | edit source]

T1 engineer iya-istle basic creator
T2 engineer iya creator
T3 engineer iyathuum greatest creator

Building names[edit | edit source]

Names and translations of all Seraphim buildings
Type Name Translation

Defensive structures[edit | edit source]

T1 point defense uttaus stationary weapon
T2 point defense uttaushala ranged stationary turret weapon
T1 torpedo launcher sou-atha submarine protector
T2 torpedo launcer uosthu naval structure
T1 anti-air defense ialla air turret
T2 anti-air flak artillery sinnatha bomber protector
T3 anti-air defense iathu-ioz air countermeasure structure
T2 tactical missile defense ythisatha missile launcher protector
T2 tactical missile launcher ythis missile launcher
T2 shield generator atha protector
T3 heavy shield generator athanuhthe support protector
T2 artillery installation zthuthaam artillery cannon
T3 heavy artillery installation hovatham ?
T2 air staging beacon iathu-uhthe air support structure
T3 strategic missile defense ythisioz missile launcher countermeasure
T3 strategic missile launcher hastue ?

Construction structures[edit | edit source]

T1,2,3 Land Factory hethiya ground creator
T1,2,3 Air Factory ia-iya air creator
T1,2,3 Naval Factory uosiya naval creator
T3 Quantum gateway aezthu-uhthe support command structure

Economic structures[edit | edit source]

T1,2,3 power generator uya-iya energy creator
T1 hydrocarbon power plant uya-atoh energy extractor
T1,2,3 mass extractor hyalatoh mass extractor
T1 mass storage vishyal mass holder
T1 energy storage vishuyal energy holder
T2,3 mass fabricator hyaliya mass creator

Intelligence structures[edit | edit source]

T1 radar system esel radar
T1 sonar system shou sonar
T2 radar system sele-esel scout radar
T2 sonar system shou-esel sonar-radar
T2 stealth field generator sele-ioz scout countermeasure
T3 omni sensor suite aezesel command radar

(The names of the experimental units are harder to translate.)

Other notes on Seraphim words[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, putting two words particles together would result in a doubled letter. In such cases, the Seraphim typically eliminate one of the letters. For example:

vish + hyal = vishyal (not vishhyal)

uas + shavoh = uashavoh (not uasshavoh)

Equally, sometimes letters are added, perhaps to help pronunciation:

atha + ah = athanah

ia + la = ialla

Hyphens are also commonly added, occasionally accompanied with changes in one of more particles.

ia + atha = ia-atha

uyal + iya = uya-iya

Finally, some particles seem related to each other, in particular sou (submarine) with uos (surface naval) and sele (scout) with esel (radar).

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