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Seraphim II is a winter world home to the Aeon Illuminate - it is, after all, the Aeon Homeworld. The planet is characterized by low temperatures and short growth seasons due to its tundra terrain.

  • Name: Seraphim II
  • Faction: Aeon Illuminate
  • Description: Aeon Homeworld

    Seraphim II

  • Terrain: Tundra


Perhaps the most famous planet besides Earth itself, Seraphim II was discovered in the 25th century, but was initially dismissed because it was believed the planet was unable to support life. Later, in the 26th century, the system was re-examined by more advanced probes and Seraphim II was found to be human-habitable, with nearly Earth-like conditions. In 2543, the ESS Starjourner, under the command of Captain Trent Smith, was sent to investigate.

What truly happened when the Starjourner landed is unknown. The only accounts come from the Aeon, who have probably altered the facts in their favor. The Aeon claim that the crew of the Sojourner encountered aliens, dubbed the Seraphim. The ship’s biologist, Dr. Jane Burke, befriended the aliens, while Captain Smith, in a xenophobic panic, attacked the Seraphim. The two facts that were known are that the Seraphim are now extinct, victims of a biological weapon engineered by Captain Smith, and that Smith was murdered by Burke, a deed the Aeon describe with pride.

There were two ghastly side-effects of Smith’s weapon. The first is that it exterminated most of the indigenous life on the planet, and the second is that it ushered in a permanent ice age. Today, Seraphim II is an ice planet and only the equatorial belt is warm enough to support life. Though still revered by the Aeon, Seraphim II remains a grim reminder of the price of the Infinite War.

Of course, as the Infinite War progresses, it is revealed that the Seraphim were never really extinct, and Seraphim II was inhabited by outcasts.

The end of the Infinite War was the start of Forged Alliance. But if the UEF were the real victors, the mission-success text says that, if you win the last mission in the UEF campaign, the Aeon capital Seraphim II was destroyed by the Black Sun.