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Experimental Units
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Strategic Missile Launchers
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Seraphim Experimental Missile Launcher: Yolona Oss Seraphim Experimental Missile Launcher:  Yolona Oss
Seraphim Experimental Missile Launcher: Yolona Oss
Strategic missile launcher. Fired missile is so large, two strategic missile defenses are required to neutralize it.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon.png -10008000
Mass icon.png -250200
Time icon.png 125100
Build rate
Time icon.png2160/s
Max healthHealth icon.png 12000
Veterancy Seraphim veteran icon.png Kills icon.png 50 ( Health icon.png +10/s)
Intel (radius) Vision: 28
Missile - Strategic Missile
Range 20000
Strategic Missile cost Energy icon.png -6000 (-100/s)
Mass icon.png -600 (-10/s)
Time icon.png 129600 (1:00s)
Inner damage 1000001
Inner radius 45
Outer damage 7500
Outer radius 60

A Yolona Oss fires its strategic missile

The Seraphim Experimental Missile Launcher, nicknamed Yolona Oss, is a Seraphim experimental unit.

Yolona Oss is much like the normal T3 strategic missile launcher, but the missile is much more powerful and so large that two defensive missiles are required to neutralize it. By the time the two anti-nukes even hit the nuclear missle another one can be sent on its way. The only way to defend against a Yolona Oss long enough to make a counter-attack is to have multiple anti-nukes with existing missiles around your base.

Although extremely expensive, it does not appear to have the Manual Build ability associated with it, possibly because its missiles are automatically constructed, similar to the Strategic Missile Sub's tactical missiles. Its missiles also take much less time to build than missile defenses, so if one is built victory is almost assured. It is in a similar category as the Mavor: Expensive, but essentially a game ender. The only problem with building this unit is that if you construct it, you would not have the economy to build an army to protect yourself, so your enemy could build an experimental and crush you. All around an effective unit; fast missile build rate, long build time, and economically a mass and energy drainer when being built. Compared to the UEF Mavor and Cybran Scathis the Yolona Oss costs slightly less mass (roughly 50,000) but immensely more energy. The Yolona Oss is by far the most energy-expensive unit in the game so you must have an extraordinarily well-developed power grid before you start to build one or you're guaranteed to energy crash in seconds.

Don't bother to assist a Yolona Oss in building its missiles- although the warheads are extremely cheap, they have an incredible time cost that only the launcher itself can handle. To half the building time of the warhead (by matching its own build speed with assisting units) would require no less than thirty-six SCUs to assist. You'd be better off simply building a second one. That is, if your economy can take such a beating. However, there is an exception to this rule: The UEF T2 Engineering Station. 100 C-D2 drones can double the nuke build rate of a Yolona Oss. If you manage to have Seraphim and UEF tech at the same time ( e.g. by capturing technicians or playing a team game ), you can double your T4 nuke output by building and upgrading 50 Kennels. This is far cheaper than building a second Yolona Oss, since a Yolona Oss costs 250,200 mass and an upgraded Kennel costs 1050 mass ( 550 plus 500 for the upgrade ), which makes 52,500 mass for 50 of them, equaling 100 drones.

The Yolona Oss launcher has a maximum capacity of only a single missile, so whenever it completes one you should launch it immediately so it can begin constructing the next one. While a single Yolona Oss missile can regularly end the game in a single shot, destroying anything in a huge range and dealing impossible damage, you should never take this for granted and should launch as many missiles as you can. This will seal the victory, as 9 missiles can cover a 5x5 km map quite easily.